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Delusion Maria Straatmann 2016-11-0338:20
Introduction to Meditation - Part 4: Mindfulness of Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-021:33:41
Dharmette: Loving kindness Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-029:42
Practice notes: Simple image Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-024:05
Impermanence - Week 2 Max Erdstein 2016-11-0153:47
Halloween 2016 Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-3140:32
The Sixteen Steps of Anapanasati
  • Sixteen Steps of Anapanasati  (PDF)
Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-3039:50
Non-Hatred Maria Straatmann 2016-10-2762:18
Introduction to Meditation - Part 3: Mindfulness of Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-261:35:07
Dharmette Susan Ezequelle 2016-10-269:29
Practice Notes Susan Ezequelle 2016-10-261:23
Things As They Really Are - Week 1 Max Erdstein 2016-10-2557:55
Things as They Really Are: An Introduction to Impermanence, Unsatisfactoriness, Not-Self (Series) Max Erdstein 2016-10-253:35:02
Communal Living Judy Cannon 2016-10-2440:33
Insight of Not Self and Relationships Matthew Brensilver 2016-10-2343:15
Greed and Non-Greed Maria Straatmann 2016-10-2056:02
Introduction to Meditation - Part 2: Mindfulness of the Body Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-191:30:01
Dharmette David Cohn 2016-10-1914:16
Practice Notes David Cohn 2016-10-193:11
Cuando Actuar y Cuando Aceptar Andrea Castillo 2016-10-1833:00
The Story of Angulimala Part 2
Andrea Fella 2016-10-1855:50
Anxiety and Lack of Confidence Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-1631:04
Receptive Awareness Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-10-1333:45
Receptive Awareness: Noticing How Mindfulness Gets Lost Andrea Fella 2016-10-1353:55
Introduction to Meditation - Part 1: Overview Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-121:24:46
Introduction to Meditation - Autumn 2016 (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-126:03:36
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-1213:00
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-127:01
La Naturaleza del Dharma Francisco Mora 2016-10-1153:00
The Story of Angulimala: Part 1
Andrea Fella 2016-10-1152:34
Healing the World Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-1041:38
Romance, Relationship, Sexuality & Dharma
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Matthew Brensilver 2016-10-0957:26
Studying Desire Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-0938:06
Morning instructions - Emotions and Non-Doing
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Max Erdstein 2016-10-0948:31
Evening Q & A
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Max Erdstein 2016-10-0836:00
Waking Up, Giving Up, Growing Up
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Max Erdstein 2016-10-0854:05
Mindfulness of Mind Daylong: October 2016 (Series) Andrea Fella 2016-10-081:51:53
Morning instructions - Breath and Body
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Matthew Brensilver 2016-10-0851:36
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Oct 7-10: Max Erdstein, Matthew Brensilver
Matthew Brensilver 2016-10-0743:55
Virtue, the Second Parami (Dharma Practice Day, October 2016) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-072:44:18
Receptive Awareness Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-10-0632:44
Exploring Your Relationship to Experience Andrea Fella 2016-10-0655:24
Dharmette: Peaceful Mind
Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-0514:53
Practice Notes:Preoccupation Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-056:31
Las Cuatro Determinaciones: La Verdad Parte II Andrea Castillo 2016-10-0445:54
Many Kinds of Happiness: Part 2
Andrea Fella 2016-10-0455:23
The Five Faculties and Meditation
Andrea Fella 2016-10-0343:38
Daily Life Practice Retreat: October 2016 (Series) Andrea Fella 2016-10-025:32:55
For A Future To Be Possible Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-0240:18
Heartwood and Branches: Finding Well-being Within Thinking
• A talk on finding well-being amidst papanca, conceptual proliferation.
Gil Fronsdal 2016-10-0133:14
Receptive Awareness: Working with Thoughts Andrea Fella 2016-09-2959:44
Receptive:Awareness: Guided Meditation Week 2 Andrea Fella 2016-09-2929:02
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-2811:26
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-284:11
Las Cuatro Determinaciones: La Verdad, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2016-09-2758:37
Many Kinds of Happiness: Part 1
Andrea Fella 2016-09-2753:21
Questions and Answers Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-2645:42
Eightfold Path Program 2016-17 (Series) Chris Clifford 2016-09-251:17:45
The Treasures of Spiritual Materialism Ajaan Thanissaro 2016-09-2542:33
The Noble Eightfold Path with Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Series) Ajaan Thanissaro 2016-09-244:20:44
Receptive Awareness Basic Instruction Andrea Fella 2016-09-2249:01
Receptive Awareness Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-09-2220:18
Receptive Awareness Discussion Andrea Fella 2016-09-2215:27
Dharmette: Levels of defilement Andrea Castillo 2016-09-2114:26
Practice notes Andrea Castillo 2016-09-211:49
Anxiety Worry and Fear Andrea Fella 2016-09-2052:11
All of Life Is Our Teacher Richard Shankman 2016-09-1942:59
The Cultivation Of Mindfulness
Andrea Fella 2016-09-1844:01
Mindfulness and Wisdom Daylong (Series) Andrea Fella 2016-09-171:32:46
Mindfulness and Wisdom Non-Residential Retreat (Series) Andrea Fella 2016-09-179:14:41
Andrea Fella 2016-09-1550:40
Feedback & the Architecture of Self Matthew Brensilver 2016-09-1413:19
Practice Notes Matthew Brensilver 2016-09-144:11
Las Cuatro Determinaciones: La Sabiduría, Parte 2 Andrea Castillo 2016-09-1341:07
Andrea Fella 2016-09-1353:10
Community Practice Max Erdstein 2016-09-1236:54
Generosity and Volunteerism
Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-1142:36
Daylong Meditation Retreats (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-1016:02:31
Mindfulness of the Body Daylong (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-103:52:55
Generosity, the first Parami (Dharma Practice Day 2016) (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-091:48:25
The Subject is Love Maria Straatmann 2016-09-0848:48
The Practice of Volunteering at IMC Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0725:31
Dharmette:Benefits of letting Go Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0713:26
Practice notes: Let Go Into Something Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-073:44
Q&A, practicing with our ordinary mind Max Erdstein 2016-09-0643:16
Q&A Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0541:29
Kindness and the ecology of clinging Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0438:08
Loving Kindness Andrea Fella 2016-09-0155:30
Dharmette: Wanting Maria Straatmann 2016-08-3116:25
Practice notes: Measuring Maria Straatmann 2016-08-312:42
Las Cuatro Determinaciones: La Sabiduría, Parte 1 Andrea Castillo 2016-08-3050:46
Being At Home
Andrea Fella 2016-08-3054:18
Whose Impermanence Is It? Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-2942:32
Nothing is Worth Clinging To Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-2823:31
The Value of Contemplating Death Anna Douglas 2016-08-2743:14
Opening to The Heavenly Messengers Anna Douglas 2016-08-2752:59
The Parami of Resolve Andrea Fella 2016-08-2555:26
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-243:57
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-2410:46
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2016-08-243:55


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