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Mar 17-29 2015: Experienced Practitioner- Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella   
Insight Retreat Center
March 17, 2015 to March 29, 2015
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Mar 17-29 2015: Experienced Practitioner- Gil Fronsdal,Andrea Fella

Retreat Opening: Transcendent Dependent Origination Andrea Fella 2015-03-1731:51
Suffering Conditions Faith Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-1849:58
Delight and Joy Andrea Fella 2015-03-1945:49
Morning Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-1928:22
Morning Reflections: Continuity and Effort Andrea Fella 2015-03-208:40
Morning Reflections Continued: Continuity and Interest Andrea Fella 2015-03-205:35
Tranquillity Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2050:03
Happiness Andrea Fella 2015-03-2155:00
Morning Instructions Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2127:19
Morning Reflections: Cultivating Happiness Andrea Fella 2015-03-2228:14
Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2246:46
Knowledge and Vision of Things As They Are Andrea Fella 2015-03-2357:16
Morning Instructions: Being Close Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2325:26
Morning Reflections: Core Truths and Core Wishes Andrea Fella 2015-03-2412:59
Further Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2015-03-247:13
Disenchantment Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2444:20
Morning Instructions: Stillness Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2515:30
Dispassion Andrea Fella 2015-03-2545:43
Liberation Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2648:49
Morning Instructions: What Disturbance Is Absent? Andrea Fella 2015-03-2615:25
Knowledge of Release Andrea Fella 2015-03-2740:12
Mutual Benefit Gil Fronsdal 2015-03-2848:02

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