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Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King  
Insight Retreat Center
October 17, 2015 to October 24, 2015
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Principle of Cordiality: Metta in action Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-1853:50
Principle of Cordiality: Metta in speech Ruth King 2015-10-1959:41
Principles of Cordiality: Metta in Thought Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2054:44
Guided Instruction: Mindfulness of Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2133:39
Principles of Cordiality: Sharing and Generosity Ruth King 2015-10-2158:00
Principles of Cordiality: Virtue and Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2252:24
Principles of Cordiality: Emancipating View Ruth King 2015-10-2357:53

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