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Mar 20-27, 2016: Gil Fronsdal, Adrianne Ross  
Insight Retreat Center
March 20, 2016 to March 27, 2016
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Intro to Liberative Dependent Arising and Refuge chant Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2038:26
Guided Instruction on Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2132:30
Instruction on Walking Meditation Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2111:09
Instruction on Meditation Posture Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2123:08
Dependent Arising: Suffering and Faith Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2153:32
Guided Instruction on Body Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2254:18
Dependent Arising: Delight and Joy Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2256:24
Guided instruction: Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2339:58
Dependent Arising: Tranquility and Happiness Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2358:40
Q and A on Letting Go Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2312:22
Guided Instruction on Thoughts Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2453:05
Dependent Arising: Concentration and Seeing things as they are Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2453:34
Guided Instruction on How we are Mindful Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2524:14
Dependent Arising: Disenchantment and Dispassion Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2540:49
Dependent Arising: Liberation and Knowledge of Liberation Gil Fronsdal 2016-03-2651:57
Big Mind Meditation with Bells Adrianne Ross 2016-03-2645:49

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