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Nov 13-20: Gil Fronsdal, Bob Stahl  
Insight Retreat Center
November 13, 2016 to November 20, 2016
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Welcome, Intro to retreat, refuges, precepts Bob Stahl 2016-11-1349:19
Instructions: Mindfulness of Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1450:39
The Heavenly Messengers Bob Stahl 2016-11-1446:48
Q and A Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1411:24
Instructions: Mindflness of the Body Bob Stahl 2016-11-1538:11
The Five Hindrances Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1552:21
Q and A Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1515:41
Instruction: Mindfulness of Emotions Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1631:14
Causes of Suffering Bob Stahl 2016-11-1657:34
Instruction: Mindifulness of Thinking Bob Stahl 2016-11-1751:29
The Five Powers Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1757:50
Instruction: The still mind Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1842:33
Healing and Forgiveness Bob Stahl 2016-11-1857:09
Instruction: Overview of Instruction Bob Stahl 2016-11-1945:25
Trust Awareness and Love Everyone Gil Fronsdal 2016-11-1952:40
Closing talk, Q and A Bob Stahl 2016-11-1935:53

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