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IRC 2016-12-11 Dec 11-18: Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella  
Insight Retreat Center
December 11, 2016 to December 18, 2016
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Retreat Opening: Refuge Andrea Fella 2016-12-1139:28
The Three Refuges Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1245:08
Receiving the Breath Andrea Fella 2016-12-1220:02
The Container of Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-12-1221:10
Mindfulness of Body Sensation Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1344:38
Refuge in the Buddha: Our Capacity for Awareness Andrea Fella 2016-12-1358:53
Mindfulness of Mind States Andrea Fella 2016-12-1423:03
Further Exploration of Mind States Andrea Fella 2016-12-1412:23
Refuge in the Dharma: The Conditions for Insight Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1452:05
Mindfulness of Thinking Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1549:24
Refuge in the Dharma: Dependent Origination Andrea Fella 2016-12-1563:23
Open Awareness Andrea Fella 2016-12-1620:38
Noticing the Unfamiliar Andrea Fella 2016-12-169:16
Refuge in Dharma Trusting the Dharma, Living the Dharma Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1653:22
Morning Meditation Gil Fronsdal 2016-12-1733:45
Refuge in Sangha: Becoming a Refuge Andrea Fella 2016-12-1754:26

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