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Feb 10-17: Gil Fronsdal  
Insight Retreat Center
February 10, 2017 to February 17, 2017
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Intro to Seven Stages of Purification Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1025:06
Guided Meditation Instruction 1 Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1111:26
Purification of Virtue Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1146:46
Guided Meditation Instruction 2 Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1253:27
Purification of Mind Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1242:07
Purification of View and Purification of Doubt Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1355:08
Guided Meditation Instruction 4 Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1451:17
Purification through Knowledge and Vision of What is and What is not the Path Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1443:45
Guided Meditation Instruction 5 Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1548:24
Purification through Knowledge and Vision ofthe Practice Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1541:22
Purification through Knowledge and Vision Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1639:24
Guided Meditation Instruction 6 Gil Fronsdal 2017-02-1648:16

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