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IRC Mar 17-26: Andrea Fella, Alexis Santos  
Insight Retreat Center
March 17, 2017 to March 26, 2017
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Awareness and Wisdom: Instructions Andrea Fella 2017-03-1863:05
Evening Reflection: Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2017-03-1813:47
Morning Instructions: Relaxing Into the Natural Alexis Santos 2017-03-1943:35
Evening Reflection: Wholesome Qualities Alexis Santos 2017-03-1925:08
Working with Difficulty Andrea Fella 2017-03-1952:26
Morning Instructions: Different Kinds of Object Andrea Fella 2017-03-1923:13
Further Reflections on Attitude Andrea Fella 2017-03-2053:13
3/20/17 Experience is Lawful Alexis Santos Alexis Santos 2017-03-2012:47
3/20/17 Evening Reflections: Practice is Simple Andrea Fella Andrea Fella 2017-03-2122:21
Morning Instructions: Awareness of Thought Alexis Santos 2017-03-2112:05
Further Reflections on Thoughts Alexis Santos 2017-03-2161:04
Afternoon Q&A with Andrea and Alexis Andrea Fella 2017-03-2115:07
3/21/17 Evening Reflection: Loving Awareness Alexis Santos Alexis Santos 2017-03-2219:44
Morning Instructions: What is the Nature of...? Andrea Fella 2017-03-2219:37
Constructing Our Lives Andrea Fella 2017-03-227:19
Constructing Our Lives Andrea Fella 2017-03-2257:48
Evening Reflection: A Good Way to Spend a Day Alexis Santos 2017-03-2212:29
Morning Instructions: Aware of Awareness Alexis Santos 2017-03-2312:29
Evening Reflection: Seeing Ourselves We See Others Andrea Fella 2017-03-2311:37
Afternoon Q&A with Andrea and Alexis Andrea Fella 2017-03-2358:38
Morning Instructions: Awareness Has No Location Andrea Fella 2017-03-2414:05
Awareness in Conversation Andrea Fella 2017-03-2425:01
Evening Reflection: When We Stop Resisting Truth the Mind can Relax Andrea Fella 2017-03-2413:20
Coming Home Alexis Santos 2017-03-2450:37
Morning Reflections:Awareness while Speaking Alexis Santos 2017-03-2511:39
Morning Instructions: Just Sitting and Noticing What the Mind is Doing Alexis Santos 2017-03-2511:23
Evening Reflection: Offering the Merit Alexis Santos 2017-03-2514:08

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