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Mindfulness and Wisdom Non-Residential Retreat  
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June 10, 2017 to June 17, 2017
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Receptive Awareness Instructions Andrea Fella 2017-06-1046:20
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2017-06-1020:35
Walking Instructions Andrea Fella 2017-06-1010:51
Morning Questions and Discussion Andrea Fella 2017-06-1030:11
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2017-06-1020:56
Awareness While Living Andrea Fella 2017-06-103:38
Further Discussion about Checking the Attitude Andrea Fella 2017-06-1033:13
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2017-06-1025:32
Working With Difficulty Andrea Fella 2017-06-109:32
Guided Mediation Andrea Fella 2017-06-1012:13
Afternoon Questions and Discussion Andrea Fella 2017-06-1030:44
The Experience of Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2017-06-1143:50
Receptive Awareness: Brief Review of Instructions Andrea Fella 2017-06-1113:23
GuidedMeditation Andrea Fella 2017-06-1122:06
Experience We Think We Can't Be Mindful Of Andrea Fella 2017-06-1115:29
Questions and Discussion Andrea Fella 2017-06-1166:10
Allowing the Settling Andrea Fella 2017-06-113:31
Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2017-06-118:07
Questions Andrea Fella 2017-06-1111:19
Guided Meditation: Awareness of Thinking Andrea Fella 2017-06-1220:54
Morning Reflections on Daily Life Awareness Andrea Fella 2017-06-1216:28
Guided Meditation: Exploring Attention Andrea Fella 2017-06-1318:47
Morning Reflection: Mindfulness can be experienced in different ways Andrea Fella 2017-06-138:33
Guided Meditation: Recognizing the Difference between Body and Mind Andrea Fella 2017-06-1422:13
Further Reflections on Body and Mind Andrea Fella 2017-06-1415:49
Guided Meditation: Simplicity of Practice and Recognizing Wisdom Andrea Fella 2017-06-1513:25
Further Reflections on Simplicity and Wisdom Andrea Fella 2017-06-158:39
Guided Meditation: Opening to Change Andrea Fella 2017-06-1617:16
Reflections about Conditionality and Impermanence Andrea Fella 2017-06-1618:28

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