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Mar 2013 Retreat: Andrea Fella/Gil Fronsdal  
Insight Retreat Center
March 16, 2013 to March 23, 2013
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7-day Insight Retreat

Morning Instructions: Breath Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-1716:17
Clear Comprehension as a Mental Quality Andrea Fella 2013-03-1745:58
Morning Instructions: Relaxed Attention Andrea Fella 2013-03-1816:09
Supports for Relaxed Attention Andrea Fella 2013-03-184:34
Clear Comprehension of Purpose Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-1847:31
Morning Instructions: Mindfulness of Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-1930:20
Clear Comprehension of Suitability Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-1965:03
Morning Instructions: Mindfulness of Emotions Andrea Fella 2013-03-2017:53
Instructions: No Distractions in Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2013-03-209:32
Clear Comprehension of Domain of practice Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-2051:40
Morning Instruction: Thoughts Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-2134:02
Clear Comprehension of Non-Delusion Andrea Fella 2013-03-2160:27
Guided Meditation: Open Awareness Andrea Fella 2013-03-2214:52
Reflections on Open Awareness Andrea Fella 2013-03-227:57
Clear Comprehension For Daily Life Andrea Fella 2013-03-2219:01
Clear Comprehension: Conclusion Gil Fronsdal 2013-03-2248:54

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