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Jul 31, 2013 Insight Retreat: Andrea Fella/Pamela Weiss  
Insight Retreat Center
July 31, 2013 to August 4, 2013
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Insight Retreat

Refuges and Precepts Andrea Fella 2013-07-3132:26
Opening and Welcome Pamela Weiss 2013-07-3116:25
Eating Instructions Andrea Fella 2013-08-0110:17
Getting Familiar with the Body Andrea Fella 2013-08-0163:38
Body and Breath Instructions Pamela Weiss 2013-08-0120:42
Walking Instruction Pamela Weiss 2013-08-017:19
More Body and Breath Instructions Pamela Weiss 2013-08-012:15
Q&A - Impermanence Andrea Fella 2013-08-0215:58
The Heart of Practice Pamela Weiss 2013-08-0252:21
Feeling and Emotion Instructions Andrea Fella 2013-08-0230:35
Instructions Continued and Morning Questions Pamela Weiss 2013-08-0312:11
Thoughts and Mind instructions Pamela Weiss 2013-08-0323:48
Q&A - Discernment Pamela Weiss 2013-08-039:51
The Experience of Wisdom Andrea Fella 2013-08-0361:57

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