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These are the talks being used for the Online Course on the Five Hindrances.

The Five Hindrances: Introduction Gil Fronsdal 2008-10-1341:30
Guided Meditation: Hindrances Gil Fronsdal 2004-11-0321:03
The Five Hindrances: Sensual Desire Gil Fronsdal 2008-10-2044:59
Guided Meditation: Wanting Ines Freedman 2009-05-2023:33
The Five Hindrances: Ill Will Gil Fronsdal 2008-10-2742:26
Guided Metta Gil Fronsdal 2001-09-0628:03
The Five Hindrances: Sloth and Torpor Gil Fronsdal 2008-11-1039:20
Guided Meditation: Energy Ines Freedman 2009-07-0522:49
The Five Hindrances: Restlessness and Worry Gil Fronsdal 2008-11-1740:40
Guided Meditation: Big Mind Ines Freedman 2009-07-1230:12
The Five Hindrances: Doubt Gil Fronsdal 2008-11-2442:57
Guided Meditation: Confidence Gil Fronsdal 2009-05-0125:16


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