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Generosity, the first Parami (Dharma Practice Day 2016) RSS iTunes

Part one of a ten month program of study and practice of the ten perfections (paramis). These are ten qualities of character which, when developed, support both Buddhist practice and compassionate involvement in the world.

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Generosity: Introduction Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0910:58
Generosity: Guided Reflection Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0931:22
Generosity: Part 3 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0915:16
Generosity Part 4 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0910:43
Generosity: Part 5 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0913:02
Generosity: Part 6 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-094:17
Generosity: Part 7 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-0916:25
Generosity: Part 8 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-092:23
Generosity: Part 9 Gil Fronsdal 2016-09-093:55


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