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This series contains the set of publicly available talks and reflections given during the MIndfulness of Mind Retreat at the Insight Retreat Center July 16 - July 30, 2016

Initial Instructions Andrea Fella 2016-07-1758:55
Evening Reflection: Many Flavors of Wise Attitude Andrea Fella 2016-07-1712:17
Morning Reflection: Practical Wise View Andrea Fella 2016-07-1836:56
Looking At Attitude Andrea Fella 2016-07-1863:21
Evening Reflection: The Practice is Very Simple
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2016-07-1813:33
Morning Reflection: Aware of Thoughts Andrea Fella 2016-07-1916:30
Further Reflections on Awareness of Thoughts Andrea Fella 2016-07-197:41
Afternoon Questions
Andrea Fella 2016-07-1959:47
Evening Reflection: Light Touch of Effort Andrea Fella 2016-07-199:03
Morning Reflection: Aware of Awareness Andrea Fella 2016-07-2017:23
Supports for Continuity Andrea Fella 2016-07-2059:08
Evening Reflection: No Particular State is Required for Meditation Andrea Fella 2016-07-2011:38
Morning Reflection: Processes of Mind and Body Andrea Fella 2016-07-2137:36
Afternoon Questions
Andrea Fella 2016-07-2146:24
Evening Reflection: Resting and Aware Andrea Fella 2016-07-2113:15
Morning Reflection: What is the Nature of...? Andrea Fella 2016-07-2216:27
Exploring the Conditioned Nature of Experience Andrea Fella 2016-07-2215:03
Five Aggregates and Volitional Formations Andrea Fella 2016-07-2263:53
Evening Reflection: Core Truths and Core Wishes Andrea Fella 2016-07-2214:50
Morning Reflection: Intention Andrea Fella 2016-07-2323:26
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2016-07-2362:39
Evening Reflection: Expectations Andrea Fella 2016-07-2316:53
Morning Reflection: Feeling Tone Andrea Fella 2016-07-2415:19
Exploring The Aggregates in Practice Andrea Fella 2016-07-2412:34
Feeling Tone Revisited Andrea Fella 2016-07-2460:58
Evening Reflection: Allowing and Acceptance Andrea Fella 2016-07-2414:51
Morning Reflection: Impermanent Nature of Experience Andrea Fella 2016-07-2520:24
Further Reflections on Noticing Change Andrea Fella 2016-07-252:36
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2016-07-2561:46
Evening Reflection: Now is All We Have Andrea Fella 2016-07-2516:38
Morning Reflection: Perception at Work Andrea Fella 2016-07-2620:13
Further Reflections on Perception Andrea Fella 2016-07-266:08
Perception and Papanca Andrea Fella 2016-07-2660:22
Evening Reflection: Personal Effort and Dhamma Effort Andrea Fella 2016-07-2615:46
Morning Reflection: Exploring Knowing Andrea Fella 2016-07-2717:07
Reflections on the Consciousness Aggregate Andrea Fella 2016-07-2758:53
Evening Reflection: The Path is Mostly Gradual Andrea Fella 2016-07-2715:04
Morning Reflection: Awareness Has No Location Andrea Fella 2016-07-2817:29
Teachings to Bahiya Andrea Fella 2016-07-2853:57
Evening Reflection: When We Stop Resisting Truth, the Mind Can Relax Andrea Fella 2016-07-2813:48
Morning Reflection: Check the Awareness Andrea Fella 2016-07-2912:45
Further Reflections: Tune the Effort to the Conditions Andrea Fella 2016-07-299:21
Integrating Practice
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2016-07-2961:10
Evening Reflection: Remember the Simplicity Andrea Fella 2016-07-2914:34


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