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This series contains the recordings for the Daily Life Practice Retreat held April 2017 at IMC. The recordings during the week are not full recordings of the sessions; they include some of Andrea's comments and reflections in response to the retreat participants.

Daily Life Practice Introduction: Refuges and Precepts Andrea Fella 2017-04-0952:12
Walking Practice For Daily Life Andrea Fella 2017-04-0913:36
Mindfulness Practices For Daily Life Andrea Fella 2017-04-0961:59
Connecting Intention to our Everyday Actions Andrea Fella 2017-04-0928:54
Monday Morning Reflections: Part 1 Andrea Fella 2017-04-1014:30
Monday Morning Reflections Part 2 Andrea Fella 2017-04-1013:36
Wise Intention Andrea Fella 2017-04-1045:00
Tuesday Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-04-1128:08
Tuesday Evening Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-04-112:33
Wednesday Morning Reflections Part 1 Andrea Fella 2017-04-1222:09
Wednesday Morning Reflections Part 2 Andrea Fella 2017-04-126:32
Wednesday Evening Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-04-1223:36
Thursday Morning Reflections
Andrea Fella 2017-04-1321:31
Guided Meditation
Andrea Fella 2017-04-1334:26
Investigating Intention
Andrea Fella 2017-04-1357:05
Friday Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-04-1423:12
Friday Evening Reflections
Andrea Fella 2017-04-1426:39


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