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Practice Notes: Amoeba Mind Gil Fronsdal 2010-08-044:01
Practice Notes: Stability Gil Fronsdal 2010-07-284:51
Practice Notes: Be Relaxed Gil Fronsdal 2010-07-212:18
Practice Notes: Stillness Gil Fronsdal 2010-06-095:28
Practice Notes: Two Phases of Training Gil Fronsdal 2010-05-263:37
Practice Notes: Practice as Kite Flying Gil Fronsdal 2010-05-195:09
Practice Notes: Attitudes of Mindfulness Gil Fronsdal 2010-05-123:43
Practice Notes: One Thing at a Time
Gil Fronsdal 2010-04-283:10
Practice Notes: Noting Thinking
Gil Fronsdal 2010-04-213:06
Practice Notes: Where Does Thinking Occur?
Gil Fronsdal 2010-04-145:39
Practice Notes: What Needs Acceptance?
Gil Fronsdal 2010-02-242:17
Practice Notes: Three Phases of Practice
Gil Fronsdal 2010-02-174:49
Practice Notes: Where Our Attention Goes
Gil Fronsdal 2010-01-204:30
Practice Notes: A Boat in the Water
Gil Fronsdal 2010-01-063:50
Practice Notes Series (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2010-01-062:23:59


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