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Dawn Neal began contemplative practice in 1997, and started practicing Buddhist meditation after being exposed to biofeedback in 2004. She is currently earning an MA (MDiv equivalent) from the Sati Institute and Institute of Buddhist Studies at the Graduate Theological Union, with guidance from Gil Fronsdal. Dawn is authorized to teach Buddhist practice, from the perspective of love and kindness, by Sayadaw U Indaka. She teaches meditation and mindfulness from this perspective in Buddhist, secular, and interfaith contexts. Dawn is a scholar, facilitator, integral coach, and has served as a commissioned interfaith chaplain. She holds beginning and advanced certifications from the Harvard Negotiation Project.

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Opening to Vulnerability Supports Creative Flow and Stillness
Dharma and the Creative Process
• Compassionately being with vulnerability opens us to alchemy and greater stillness.
Intention, Playfulness, and Perfectionism
Dharma and the Creative Process
Women in Buddhism Symposium: Caroline Rhys Davids 2015-11-1446:21
Cultivating Buddhist Love in Daily Life
Lovingkindness for all (week 4)
  • Handout: Unspecific Metta (PDF)
Lovingkindness Week 3
  • Handout: Metta for Neutral and Difficult people (class 3) (PDF)
Intro to Lovingkindness Week 2
  • Handout: Metta for oneself and a dear person (class 2) (PDF)
Introduction to Lovingkindness: 4 evenings (Series) 2015-06-035:21:47
Introduction to Metta (Lovingkindness) - six week series (Series) 2013-07-177:27:57


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