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Bruni Dávila was born in Puerto Rico and came to the mainland in 1991. She has practiced Vipassana, and Zen(in various traditions) since 1995 and at IMC since 2006. She is a student of both Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella. Bruni graduated from the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy Training and the IMC Dharma Mentoring Program.

Bruni Dávila, originaria de Puerto Rico, emigró a los Estados Unidos continental en 1991. Ha practicado la atención plena en las tradiciones Vipassana y Zen desde 1995 y en IMC desde 2006. Es estudiante de Gil Fronsdal y Andrea Fella. Bruni se graduó del Programa Introductorio de Capellanía del Sati Center y del Programa para Mentores del Dharma de IMC.

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Apr 30-May 14: Gil Fronsdal & Andrea Fella
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