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Bruce was first introduced to Buddhism as a doctor during the Vietnam war in 1970 by his dear friend and interpreter, Trug. When he returned to the U.S. he found a balanced Yoga practice consisting of postures and meditation. He continues to practice Hatha Yoga to this day. He practiced other forms of meditation on and off until about 15 years ago when he found Buddhist practice and have engaged fully with persistence and enthusiasm since then. He has been a Buddhist chaplain volunteer in a State prison for 13 years and has taught at Insight Santa Cruz for 11 years. He is also a part of the ISC teacher's council. His voice is best expressed when he teaches from his own experiences, struggles and insights.

Instructions: Vedena
Nov 29- Dec 4: ISC Insight Retreat
5 Hindrances (It's OK)
Nov 29- Dec 4: ISC Insight Retreat
Welcoming Suffering
Dec 1-6 Insight Santa Cruz Bob Stahl, Jill Hyman, Bruce Hyman


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