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Kim Allen has practiced insight meditation since 2003, including intensive retreats up to 3 months in length. She teaches in IMC’s 8-fold path mentoring program, leads a group in Los Gatos, and has completed the Sati Center Buddhist Chaplaincy training program. In 2011 she co-founded the Buddhist Insight Network to connect and serve the Insight community. Now she is involved in starting up the new Insight Retreat Center in Scotts Valley. Interested in both natural and human systems, she has also served as a sustainability consultant and qi gong instructor.

Resolve 2014-04-0840:11
Beautifying the Mind: Serenity, Insight, and Peace 2014-01-2141:30
Beautifying the Mind: Benevolence 2014-01-1442:49
Right Livelihood - Part 2
Beautifying the Mind: Generosity 2014-01-0740:51
Beautifying the Mind" (Series) 2014-01-072:05:11
The Well Directed Mind 2014-01-0112:36
Practice Notes: The What and How of Noticing 2014-01-011:59
The Three Temperaments 2013-12-3139:10
Perception 2013-12-3044:15
Beginners Practice Group Wk 3 Pt 2 2013-11-2734:29
Guided Metta 2013-10-136:43
Heartwood in the West
Compassion, Equanimity & Wisdom 2013-07-2933:09
Inside Out 2013-04-1647:53
The Holistic Path, Part 3: Pañña
The Holistic Path, Part 2: Samadhi
The Holistic Path, Part 1: Sila
The Holistic Path (Series) 2013-02-052:17:28
Dharmette: Reflections On Maturity 2013-01-0212:13
Mangalam Suttam 2012-11-2112:42
Notice Happiness 2012-11-212:11
Dharmette: Samsara 2012-08-298:33
Sangha 2012-08-1341:24
Insight in the West: Cultivating the Seed
Right Intention/Independence Day 2012-07-047:40
Doubt 2012-07-0341:37
Faith and Doubt 2012-05-1611:51
The Body as a Vehicle of Practice 2012-01-0342:37
Spiritual Friends 2012-01-0141:51
Understanding Dukkha 2011-10-0440:07
The Buddhist Insight Network
Dharmette: Right Speech and Criticism
The Jewel of Mindfulness
Tranquility 2010-07-2243:24
Five Faculties 2009-09-1045:27
Right Livelihood 2008-07-1043:13


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