The Paramis or Ten Perfections RSS

These are the ten qualities of character that can be developed to support the path of awakening. The talks given by Gil Fronsdal are supplemented by reading assignments.

This series also includes several suggested readings

Also available: Dharma Practice Series 2010-2011: The Paramis

The Paramis Gil Fronsdal 2004-10-04 40:09
The Paramis: Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2004-10-11 39:32
The Paramis: Virtue Gil Fronsdal 2004-11-08 44:23
Paramis: Renunciation Gil Fronsdal 2004-12-06 44:08
Paramis: Wisdom Gil Fronsdal 2005-01-24 42:39
Paramis: Effort Gil Fronsdal 2005-02-07 42:07
Paramis: Patience Gil Fronsdal 2005-04-18 41:30
Paramis: Truth Gil Fronsdal 2005-05-23 43:53
Paramis: Resolve Gil Fronsdal 2005-07-18 40:51
Paramis: Loving Kindness Gil Fronsdal 2005-07-25 43:35
Equanimity Gil Fronsdal 2005-09-19 39:49


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