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Cultivating the five spiritual strengths. RSS iTunes

When the five faculties become the five powers: saddha, virya, sati, samadhi, and panna.

A daylong retreat on the cultivation of five spiritual capacities to become five spiritual strengths. Reflections on confidence, persistence or effort, mindfulness, concentration, and discernment/wisdom.

Being the ant or the elephant: cultivating the five spiritual strengths
• When confidence, persistence, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom are fully developed, they become sources of strength and equanimity.
Gil Fronsdal 2016-06-04 30:12
Mindfulness, Bodyfulness, and Wholehearted Presence
• How sati, wholehearted presence or mindfulness, becomes a source of strength.
Gil Fronsdal 2016-06-04 13:07
Strengthening our Spiritual Capacities through Appreciation
• How appreciating what is beautiful and wholesome strengthens beneficial qualities, and how recognition decreases the unbeneficial.
Gil Fronsdal 2016-06-04 42:05


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