Happy Hour: Metta and the Ten Perfections (Paramis) RSS

In these series, we explore the relationship between metta and the other 9 Paramis (the perfections), namely, generosity, non-harming, enunciation, wisdom, energy/engagement, patience, truthfulness, resolve, and equanimity.

Happy Hour: Generosity as Metta Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-20 48:37
Happy Hour: Metta as Generosity Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-22 54:40
Happy Hour: Non-Harming as the Basis for Metta Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-24 53:21
Happy Hour: Metta and Renunciation of Expectations Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-27 54:16
Happy Hour: Metta and Wisdom Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-29 50:54
Happy Hour: Metta and Engagement/Energy Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-31 54:30
Happy Hour: Patience as Loving Strength Nikki Mirghafori 2020-07-16 53:38
Happy Hour: Metta and Truthfulness Nikki Mirghafori 2020-08-03 52:55
Happy Hour: Metta and Resolve Nikki Mirghafori 2020-08-05 54:19
Happy Hour: Metta and Equanimity Nikki Mirghafori 2020-08-07 53:21


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