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Equanimity is one of the most sublime mind states in Buddhist practice, a state of wisdom grounded in being at peace with things just the way they are – it protects us from the eight worldly winds of suffering and supports us to live with compassion and lovingkindness for all beings everywhere, including ourselves. We explore three complementary approaches to the cultivation of equanimity, through the practices of: insight (mindfulness meditation), Qigong (embodiment and movement), and opening the heart (Brahma-Vihāra meditation). This retreat includes sitting and walking meditation, a dharma talk, Qigong instruction (optional), and guided meditations.

Guided Meditation: Sitting Like a Mountain—Equanimity in the Body Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 37:52
Guided Standing Meditation: Equanimity as Alignment and Balance Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 14:28
Equanimity: Body, Mind and Heart Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 38:45
Guided Meditation: Equanimity and Interconnectedness Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 27:43
Introduction to Qigong Practice Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 31:22
Guided Meditation: Inviting Equanimity Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 4:42
Qigong: Fluid Equanimity Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 58:58
Guided Meditation: Equanimity as Love Meg Gawler 2015-05-23 28:23


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