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This daylong retreat explores bringing a quality of lovingkindness to our mindfulness practice, opening our hearts to embrace whatever we encounter in the present moment. We offer lovingkindness to our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and to all beings through three complementary practices: insight meditation, Qigong (embodiment and movement meditation), and opening the heart (Brahma-Vihāra meditation). This retreat includes sitting and walking meditation, a dharma talk, Qigong instruction, and guided meditations.

Guided Standing Meditation: Embodying Lovingkindness II Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 11:37
Guided Meditation: Embodying Lovingkindness I
Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 31:13
Dharma Talk: Lovingkindness - Body, Mind, and Heart Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 42:27
Guided Meditation: Resting in Loving Awareness Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 30:24
Inviting Equanimity Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 8:45
Guided Brahma Vihara meditation: Abiding in Universal Love Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 29:27
Closing: Informal Discussion Meg Gawler 2015-11-21 11:32


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