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Jim Podolske is a scientist who has been a Vipassana student of Gil Fronsdal since 1998. He serves the Insight Meditation Center sangha both as a volunteer and introductory meditation instructor, and is a former IMC board member. He has sat Vipassana, Samadhi, and Brahmavihara retreats over the last 10 years, including a six week retreat with Joseph Goldstein in 2003. Jim enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

Metta Practice for Peace and Goodwill to all beings 2017-12-2533:31
Right Speech 2015-08-2753:31
Gratitude and Kindness 2014-11-3032:47
Practicing Under the Weather 2014-04-1049:20
Dukkha 2013-12-1049:14
Beginners Practice Group Wk 3 Pt 1 2013-11-2745:36
Beginners Practice Group Wk1 Pt2 2013-11-1330:25
Kalama Sutta
Heavenly Messengers 2013-06-2753:53
The Banyan Deer 2013-04-2217:26
Meditating with the Three Characteristics 2013-02-2849:18
Taking It Personally 2013-02-2155:11
Dharma Practice as a Team Sport
Thoughts on Inquiry 2012-03-2249:10
Back to Basics 2012-01-2649:37
Heart Felt Practice 2011-01-0647:01
Cultivating Gratitude 2010-08-0548:37
Guided Meditation: Open in Gratitude 2010-08-055:04
Paramis: Virtue (3 of 10) 2009-06-2558:55
Working with Difficulties 2008-10-0238:39
Boredom 2008-01-3144:05
Why Do We Practice 2007-10-1429:07
Four Foundations: Mindfulness of Mind - (3 of 4) 2007-04-1954:26
Refuge 2006-09-2852:07
Right Effort - (Week 1) 2006-06-0159:31
Wisdom 2005-10-0658:57
Mindfulness of Activity 2005-03-2449:21
Hindrances: Sloth and Torpor 2004-08-0553:43
Right Effort 2004-03-0438:33
Our Practice 2003-07-1050:05
The Paramies 2003-05-0154:08
Faith 2002-09-0544:44
Fear 2002-04-2553:29
Shares His Practice 2001-08-0919:31


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