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Ajahn Sundara was born in France. In her early thirties, after working for a few years as a dancer and teacher of contemporary dance in both France and England, she had the opportunity to attend a talk followed by a retreat led by Ajahn Sumedho. His teachings and his way of life as a Buddhist monk resonated deeply. In 1983 she was given the Going Forth as a siladhara (ten precept nun). In the mid-nineties she spent over two years in Thailand practicing in the forest monasteries. For the last 20 years she has taught and led meditation retreats in Europe and North America.

Our Nature 2007-09-2350:49
On Being Monastic 2003-07-0759:35
The Truth of Cessation and the Path 2003-07-0659:57
The Training of the Heart 2003-07-0664:21
Suffering and its Causes 2003-07-0555:37
Untangling the Tangle 2003-07-0461:28
Untangling the Tangle - Q & A 2003-07-0424:05
Aspects of Desire 2003-07-0364:34
Intro Guided Meditation 2003-07-0319:34
Cultivating Happiness 2002-10-2851:45
Compassion 2002-05-1269:31
Guided Meditation 2002-05-099:13
Heart Of Practice 2002-05-0954:04
Guided Meditation 2002-05-0613:04
Path Of Practice 2002-05-0650:40


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