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Andrea Fella is the co-teacher at the Insight Meditation Center and the Insight Retreat Center. She has been practicing Insight Meditation since 1996, and teaching Insight Meditation since 2003. She is particularly drawn to intensive retreat practice, and has done a number of long retreats, both in the United States and in Burma. During one long practice period in Burma, she ordained as a nun with Sayadaw U Janaka. Andrea is especially drawn to the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. Her teachings emphasize clarity and practicality. Andrea is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council, and teaches residential retreats for IMC and other retreat centers around the country.

Andrea is currently offering an ongoing series about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, which can be accessed here:

Mindfulness of the Body: Elements
IMC May 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Intention of Non-Harming 2011-05-0554:10
Working with thoughts in Daily Life
Giving from the Heart 2011-04-2851:46
Working with Thoughts and Thinking in Meditation
Reflections on Intention 2011-04-2140:43
Question & Answers
Crossing the Flood
Qualities of Friendship 2011-04-1451:27
Simplicity and Trust 2011-04-1252:04
Views and Suffering 2011-03-3150:48
The Metta Chant: All Together
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Practicing in Daily Life
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
The Metta Chant: Call and Response
IMC March 2011 Hidden Villa Retreat
Body and Mind: Intention, Views, and Consciousness
Reorienting Around Suffering 2011-03-1553:39
Body and Mind: Perception
Guided Meditation: Perception 2011-03-106:40
Self Negativity 2011-03-0857:25
Body and Mind: Feeling Tone
Guided Meditation: Body and Emotions 2011-03-038:28
Exploring the Judging Mind 2011-03-0152:52
Body and Mind: Emotions
The Five Faculties and Fear 2011-02-2146:19
Body and Mind: The Body
The Present Moment 2011-02-1548:25
Happiness 2011-02-1052:57
Transitions as a Field of Practice 2011-02-0855:49
Investigating Emotions 2010-12-2355:13
Mindfulness of Emotions 2010-12-1654:13
Cultivating Conditions For Equanimity 2010-12-1453:49
Recognizing Emotions 2010-12-0953:28
Exploring Equanimity by Exploring Reactivity 2010-12-0757:49
Clear Comprehension 2010-10-1253:34
Karma 2010-10-0752:54
Intention and Motivation
Reflection: Skillful Use of Thought in Practice 2010-09-3054:30
Two Analogies 2010-09-2855:46
Wise Speech 2010-09-2745:15
Daily Life Practice Retreat: September 2010 (Series) 2010-09-2613:38:40
Hindrances: Doubt 2010-09-2351:31
Guided Meditation 2010-09-2313:57
Wisdom on the Path 2010-09-2151:22
Suffering and Compassion 2010-09-0952:13
Talks addressing Social / Public Concerns by Andrea Fella (Series) 2010-09-0915:53:10
The Container of Concentration 2010-09-0754:04
Hindrances: Restlessness 2010-09-0252:54
Guided Meditation 2010-09-029:46
Concentration 2010-08-3154:01
Hindrances: Sloth and Torpor 2010-08-2651:40
Hindrances: Ill Will 2010-08-1255:30
Guided Meditation 2010-08-1215:15
Mindfulness 2010-08-1054:16
The Quality of Mindfulness
Hindrances: Understanding Sensual Pleasure 2010-07-2956:25
Guided Meditation 2010-07-2916:23
Effort But Not Too Much 2010-07-2753:36
Hindrances: Sensual Desire
Guided Meditation 2010-07-1514:07
Skillful Effort
Cultivating Generosity 2010-07-1141:19
Hindrances: Overview 2010-07-0853:06
Effort But Not Too Much 2010-07-0753:13
Confidence and Doubt 2010-07-0657:13
Whole Body Breathing Daylong Retreat (Series) 2010-06-264:37:22
Goal As The Path, Path As Goal 2010-06-2455:18
Eight Fold Path Deconstructed 2010-06-2254:42
Exploring The Layers Of Reactivity 2010-06-2142:19
Understanding Reactivity 2010-06-1756:34
Guided Meditation 2010-06-1716:37
Using Reflections 2010-06-1553:54
Practice: Finding Our Way 2010-06-0355:28
Guided Meditation 2010-06-0322:30
An Excellent Night 2010-06-0211:49
Exploring Many Kinds of Happiness 2010-06-0152:28
Guided Meditation-Expanding Awareness 2010-06-0130:12
Dukkha (Part 3) 2010-05-2753:13
Practicing Kindness 2010-05-2557:16
Dukkha (Part 2) 2010-05-2054:19
Exploring Helpful Emotions 2010-05-1859:21
Guided Meditation: Relaxed Focus 2010-05-1829:00
Dukkha (Part 1) 2010-05-1359:01
Difficult Emotions as the Path 2010-05-1158:10
Sutta Study: The Supreme Net (Series) 2010-04-302:31:36
Reflective Practice 2010-04-2958:25
Eightfold Path: Revisiting Wisdom 2010-04-2261:52
Emotions: Recognizing Emotions 2010-04-2057:31
Eightfold Path: Right Concentration 2010-04-1559:19
Exploring Feeling 2010-04-1357:58
Eightfold Path: Right Mindfulness 2010-04-0861:48
Conversations on Anatta (Part 4) 2010-04-0660:27
Eightfold Path: Right Effort 2010-04-0159:05
Conversations On Anatta (Part 3) 2010-03-3058:25
The Five Aggregates (Part 2) 2010-03-2844:37
Eightfold Path: Right Action and Right Livelihood 2010-03-2559:45
Conversations On Anatta (Part 2) 2010-03-2358:01
The Four Noble Truths Revisited 2010-03-2243:10
The Five Aggregates (Part 1) 2010-03-2144:02
Eightfold Path: Right Speech 2010-03-1858:19
Guided Meditation 2010-03-1810:32


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