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Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, teaches and serves on the Board of Directors of the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) and Spirit Rock. She is a Stanford-trained compassion cultivation instructor, a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator, a Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC trained residential retreat teacher, and authorized by the renown Burmese meditation master, Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, to teach jhanas and analytical vipassana. Nikki has straddled the worlds of Dharma & technology as an Artificial Intelligence scientist for decades.

Happy Hour: How Are You Paying Attention? 2021-04-1457:47
Happy Hour: Lovingkindness Free from the Frame of Self-Reference 2021-04-1253:43
Happy Hour: Widening Circles of Aspiration 2021-04-0755:37
Happy Hour: Equanimity with A Wise & Loving Presence 2021-03-3154:36
Happy Hour: Caring Stable Spacious Ok-ness with not-Ok-ness 2021-03-2947:59
Happy Hour: This Is Enough 2021-03-2649:51
Happy Hour: Loving Perception 2021-03-2453:24
Happy Hour: Metta and Wisdom of The Inner Smile 2021-03-2250:25
Dharma Talk - Day 5: On Forgiveness
1 week Online Metta and Wisdom Retreat
Evening Reflections - Day 4: Appreciating All Parts of Our Practice
1 week Online Metta and Wisdom Retreat
Dharma Talk - Day 3: Love, Wisdom, and the Brahma Viharas
1 week Online Metta and Wisdom Retreat
Dharma Talk - Day 1: Why Practice Metta?
1 week Online Metta and Wisdom Retreat
Happy Hour: Equanimity for All Beings 2021-03-1256:27
Happy Hour: Equanimity with Entanglement 2021-03-1150:37
Happy Hour: Equanimity Balanced With Care 2021-03-1050:41
Happy Hour: Spacious Equanimity 2021-03-0951:29
Happy Hour: Equanimity For Our Life's Unfolding 2021-03-0851:48
Happy Hour: Introduction to Equanimity Practice 2021-03-0550:05
Happy Hour: Happiness Mirrored 2021-03-0449:00
Happy Hour: Instructing Our Minds/Hearts In Joy 2021-03-0349:09
Happy Hour: Turning Our Attention to Joy 2021-03-0254:07
Happy Hour: Empathetic Joy for All Beings 2021-03-0153:57
Happy Hour: Heart's Purification Through Sympathetic Joy 2021-02-2653:40
Happy Hour: Taking Joy In The Blessings of Others As If Our Own 2021-02-2450:47
Happy Hour: The Virtuous Cycle of Joy Begetting Joy 2021-02-2251:47
Happy Hour: Happy for Another's Happiness 2021-02-1925:43
Happy Hour: Shining the Light of Care & Compassion 2021-02-1750:49
Happy Hour: Releasing Enmity in Entanglement 2021-02-1548:51
Happy Hour: Indiscriminate Compassion 2021-02-1252:24
Happy Hour: Our Body & Self As The Beloved Other 2021-02-1048:15
Happy Hour: The Empowerment of Self-Compassion 2021-02-0853:44
Happy Hour: Recognizing "This Is Hard" With Care & Compassion 2021-02-0552:33
Happy Hour: Compassion for a Benefactor 2021-02-0353:20
Happy Hour: Compassion for Someone Dear 2021-02-0153:02
Trust is Essential 2021-01-3130:32
Guided Meditation: Settling In WithTrust 2021-01-3135:45
Happy Hour: Radiating Kindness & Love With Each Breath 2021-01-2952:25
Happy Hour: The Joy of Cultivating Goodwill for All Beings 2021-01-2752:08
Happy Hour: Goodwill for "Challenging People" Through Seeing Our Shared Vulnerability 2021-01-2254:55
Happy Hour: Practicing Offering Goodwill to Familiar Strangers 2021-01-2054:17
Happy Hour: LK on MLK Day -- People Different from Me Are Not So Different 2021-01-1853:45
Happy Hour: Patient Kindness for Self in the Presence of a Loving Being 2021-01-1561:16
Happy Hour: Love for Our Younger Selves 2021-01-1354:33
Happy Hour: Loving-Kindness for a Friend and Oneself 2021-01-1156:16
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for a Dear Friend 2021-01-0850:43
Happy Hour: Cultivating Appreciation and Goodwill for Our Benefactors 2021-01-0654:45
Happy Hour: Equanimity as a Bird's Eye View 2021-01-0456:13
Happy Hour: Heart Aspirations for the New Year
Happy Hour: The Compassion Crisis and Practicing Tonglen
Happy Hour: Creating the Conditions for Letting Go with Kindness 2020-12-2853:55
Happy Hour: Opening Our Heart Through Reaching Out 2020-12-2558:02
Happy Hour: Metta as a Christmas Carol 2020-12-2453:39
Happy Hour: The Unanticipated Presents of 2020
Happy Hour: Releasing Resentment 2020-12-2152:25
Happy Hour: Recognizing and Sharing Our Goodness
Happy Hour: Breathing Compassion (Tonglen) 2020-12-1656:07
Happy Hour: Dedication of Our Suffering as Compassion Practice 2020-12-1452:28
Happy Hour: Metta as a Lullaby 2020-12-1152:33
Happy Hour: Recollection of Our Values 2020-12-0953:30
Happy Hour: Appreciating Our Own Goodness 2020-12-0755:57
Happy Hour: Appreciation and Calm Abiding 2020-12-0453:57
Happy Hour: Contentment 2020-12-0259:20
Happy Hour: Thankfulness for Challenges 2020-11-3056:10
Happy Hour: Abundance & Gratitude as Ways of Seeing 2020-11-2755:20
Happy Hour: Appreciating Things We Take For Granted 2020-11-2559:05
Happy Hour: Thanking Those We Take for Granted 2020-11-2353:23
Happy Hour: Practicing with Awe 2020-11-2055:02
Happy Hour: Metta, Wisdom, and the First Noble Truth 2020-11-1862:16
Happy Hour: Love Heals -- Practicing Self-Compassion 2020-11-1649:46
Happy Hour: Social Inter-Connectedness and Metta 2020-11-1357:20
Happy Hour: Metta and Gratitude for Those No Longer in Our Lives 2020-11-1154:11
Happy Hour: Metta Without Want from Another 2020-11-0955:42
11.8.20 Sunday Morning Sit with Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.7.20 Saturday Evening Reflections
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.7.20 Saturday Dharma Talk
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 Friday Evening Reflections
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 Friday Afternoon Sitting Meditation with Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
11.6.20 - Friday Morning Instructions
Metta Retreat with Nikki and Diana
Happy Hour: Equanimity of Embodied Spacious Awareness 2020-11-0453:28
Happy Hour: Pre-Election Equanimity Practice 2020-11-0252:39
Happy Hour: Wrapped in a Blanket of Metta 2020-10-2653:24
Happy Hour: Loving and Being Loved 2020-10-2353:35
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (8/8) -- Generosity 2020-10-2155:13
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (7/8) -- Compassion/Kindness 2020-10-1953:42
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (6/8) -- Gratitude 2020-10-1653:56
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (5/8) -- Forgiveness II 2020-10-1456:42
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (5/8) -- Forgiveness I 2020-10-1247:24
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (4/8) -- Acceptance/Acknowledgment 2020-10-0955:12
Dharmette: Feeling Tone's Impersonality and The Two Arrows 2020-10-0919:54
Guided Meditation: Who Feels Feelings? 2020-10-0930:41
Dharmette: Vedana in the Cycle of Dependent Arising 2020-10-0822:30
Guided Meditation: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Arising & Progression 2020-10-0831:20
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (3/8) - Humor 2020-10-0752:42
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Is A Changing Perception 2020-10-0717:08
Guided Meditation: Noticing the Impermanence of Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0731:53
Dharmette: Common Reactions to the 3 Tones of Vedana 2020-10-0616:32
Guided Meditation: Mindful of the Relationship to Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0629:58
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (2/8) - Humility 2020-10-0549:03
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana), the 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness 2020-10-0517:39
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone (Vedana)


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