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Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, teaches and serves on the Board of Directors of the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) and Spirit Rock. She is a Stanford-trained compassion cultivation instructor, a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator, a Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC trained residential retreat teacher, and authorized by the renown Burmese meditation master, Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, to teach jhanas and analytical vipassana. Nikki has straddled the worlds of Dharma & technology as an Artificial Intelligence scientist for decades.

Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (5/8) -- Forgiveness I 2020-10-1247:24
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (4/8) -- Acceptance/Acknowledgment 2020-10-0955:12
Dharmette: Feeling Tone's Impersonality and The Two Arrows 2020-10-0919:54
Guided Meditation: Who Feels Feelings? 2020-10-0930:41
Dharmette: Vedana in the Cycle of Dependent Arising 2020-10-0822:30
Guided Meditation: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Arising & Progression 2020-10-0831:20
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (3/8) - Humor 2020-10-0752:42
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana) Is A Changing Perception 2020-10-0717:08
Guided Meditation: Noticing the Impermanence of Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0731:53
Dharmette: Common Reactions to the 3 Tones of Vedana 2020-10-0616:32
Guided Meditation: Mindful of the Relationship to Feeling Tone (Vedana) 2020-10-0629:58
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (2/8) - Humility 2020-10-0549:03
Dharmette: Feeling Tone (Vedana), the 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness 2020-10-0517:39
Guided Meditation: Mindfulness of Feeling Tone (Vedana)
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective III 2020-10-0255:27
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective II
Happy Hour: Pillars of Joy (1/8) - Perspective I
Happy Hour: Connection and Community 2020-09-2553:25
Happy Hour: Participation in Co-creation 2020-09-2154:04
Happy Hour: Generosity of Spirit 2020-09-1855:15
Happy Hour: the Body as the Basis of Friendliness and Goodwill 2020-09-1453:20
Resilience and Gladdening Our Mind in Challenging Times
Happy Hour: Gratitude and Vicarious Joy 2020-09-1152:39
Happy Hour: Goodwill and Conflict 2020-09-0952:34
Happy Hour: Embodied Receptive Metta 2020-09-0753:24
Guided Med: Embodied Deep Listening; Dharma Talk: Listening non-judgmentally internally & externally 2020-09-0661:08
Happy Hour: Soothing Metta 2020-09-0453:53
Happy Hour: Embodied Gratitude, and Sharing Sangha-Love 2020-09-0255:08
Happy Hour: Gentle Strength of Compassion with Quan Yin 2020-09-0147:48
Happy Hour: Cultivating Goodwill for a Fellow Human-Being 2020-08-2853:38
Happy Hour: Metta and Collecting the Mind 2020-08-2754:02
Happy Hour: Metta and Awareness 2020-08-2653:33
Happy Hour: Metta and the Four Wise Efforts 2020-08-2453:44
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Livelihood 2020-08-2153:08
Guided Meditation: The 5th Reflection; Dharmette: I Will be Separated From All That Is Dear To Me 2020-08-2147:06
Guided Meditation: The 4th Reflection; Dharmette: I Am Subjected to the Results of My Own Actions 2020-08-2045:03
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Action 2020-08-1952:47
Guided Meditation: The 3rd Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Die 2020-08-1946:38
Guided Meditation: The 2nd Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Sicken 2020-08-1846:30
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Speech 2020-08-1754:02
Guided Meditation: The 1st Reflection; Dharmette: I Am of the Nature to Age 2020-08-1742:31
The Five Daily Reflections (Series) 2020-08-173:47:50
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Intention 2020-08-1453:45
Happy Hour: Metta and the Eightfold Path (Series) 2020-08-136:11:01
Happy Hour: Metta and Wise Perspective 2020-08-1352:28
Happy Hour: Metta and Equanimity 2020-08-0753:21
Happy Hour: Metta and Resolve 2020-08-0554:19
Happy Hour: Metta and Truthfulness 2020-08-0352:55
Happy Hour: Metta and Engagement/Energy 2020-07-3154:30
Happy Hour: Metta and Wisdom 2020-07-2950:54
Happy Hour: Metta and Renunciation of Expectations 2020-07-2754:16
Happy Hour: Non-Harming as the Basis for Metta 2020-07-2453:21
Happy Hour: Metta as Generosity 2020-07-2254:40
Happy Hour: Generosity as Metta 2020-07-2048:37
Happy Hour: Patience as Loving Strength 2020-07-1653:38
Happy Hour: Metta and the Ten Perfections (Paramis) (Series) 2020-07-167:57:14
Happy Hour: Watching the Movie of Our Lives Through Buddha-Colored Glasses 2020-07-1556:18
Happy Hour: Our Goodness as a Gift 2020-07-1353:01
Happy Hour: The Joy of Interconnection 2020-07-1051:17
Happy Hour: Metta as Strength, Giving and Receiving 2020-07-0851:44
Happy Hour: Metta through the Nourishment of Wholesome Intention 2020-07-0659:27
Happy Hour: Celebrating Interdependence with Metta 2020-07-0354:55
Happy Hour: Should-Free Gratitude Practice 2020-07-0152:04
Happy Hour: Metta as Abundant Space
Happy Hour: Metta as Mother Earth
Happy Hour: Metta as Nourishing Air
Happy Hour: Metta as Healing Waters
Happy Hour: Metta as Holy Fire
Happy Hour: Exploring Metta as the Five Elements (Series) 2020-06-184:15:25
Happy Hour: Self-Compassion & Metta in Challenging Times 2020-06-0952:11
Meeting This Moment in Time: Practice, BLM, & Social Justice 2020-06-0733:30
Guided Meditation: How Am I Meeting the Moment? 2020-06-0734:31
Happy Hour: Nourishing Our Hearts in Tumultuous Times 2020-06-0551:28
Happy Hour: Hatred Never Ceases by Hatred, but by Love Alone is Healed 2020-06-0454:30
Happy Hour: The Illusion of Separateness and Racial Injustice 2020-06-0254:30
Happy Hour: Holding Space for Grief and Pain of Racial Injustice 2020-05-3059:05
Happy Hour: No Expectations 2020-05-2755:09
Happy Hour: Metta as a Perspective 2020-05-2654:35
Liberating Perspectives
May 22-25 2020: Insight Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori and Diana Clark
Guided Meditation: Attitudes and the Body
May 22-25 2020: Insight Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori and Diana Clark
Happy Hour: Loving Care for this Body 2020-05-2345:14
Happy Hour: Awareness as Love 2020-05-2148:21
Happy Hour: Choosing Our Perspectives 2020-05-1860:58
Happy Hour: Radiating Metta with Each Breath 2020-05-1647:36
Happy Hour: Self-Compassion 2020-05-1355:37
Happy Hour: Resting in Friendly Awareness 2020-05-1151:47
Happy Hour: Embodying Grandmotherly Mind 2020-05-0954:15
Happy Hour: Miracles of Each Moment 2020-05-0861:08
Happy Hour: Gratitude in Challenging Times 2020-05-0659:52
Happy Hour: Feeling Connected While Social-Distancing 2020-05-0446:28
Happy Hour: Contentment 2020-04-2951:52
Happy Hour: Love and the Liminal Spaces 2020-04-2851:10
Happy Hour: Holding Oneself with Care 2020-04-2450:33
Happy Hour: To Love (and Be Loved by) Mother Earth 2020-04-2251:36
Happy Hour: Embodying the Smile of the Buddha Within 2020-04-2053:13
Happy Hour: Stability and Compassion for Ourselves & the World 2020-04-1754:10
Happy Hour: Breathing In Goodness, Breathing Out Peace 2020-04-1655:18
Happy Hour: Patience Born out of Calm and Kindness 2020-04-1557:01
Happy Hour: Joy and contentment as support in challenging times 2020-04-1450:34


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