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Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, teaches and serves on the Board of Directors of the Insight Meditation Center (IMC) and Spirit Rock. She is a Stanford-trained compassion cultivation instructor, a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator, a Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC trained residential retreat teacher, and authorized by the renown Burmese meditation master, Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, to teach jhanas and analytical vipassana. Nikki has straddled the worlds of Dharma & technology as an Artificial Intelligence scientist for decades.

Guided Meditation: Attitudes and the Body
May 22-25 2020: Insight Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori and Diana Clark
Happy Hour: Loving Care for this Body 2020-05-2345:14
Happy Hour: Awareness as Love 2020-05-2148:21
Happy Hour: Choosing Our Perspectives 2020-05-1860:58
Happy Hour: Radiating Metta with Each Breath 2020-05-1647:36
Happy Hour: Self-Compassion 2020-05-1355:37
Happy Hour: Resting in Friendly Awareness 2020-05-1151:47
Happy Hour: Embodying Grandmotherly Mind 2020-05-0954:15
Happy Hour: Miracles of Each Moment 2020-05-0861:08
Happy Hour: Gratitude in Challenging Times 2020-05-0659:52
Happy Hour: Feeling Connected While Social-Distancing 2020-05-0446:28
Happy Hour: Contentment 2020-04-2951:52
Happy Hour: Love and the Liminal Spaces 2020-04-2851:10
Happy Hour: Holding Oneself with Care 2020-04-2450:33
Happy Hour: To Love (and Be Loved by) Mother Earth 2020-04-2251:36
Happy Hour: Embodying the Smile of the Buddha Within 2020-04-2053:13
Happy Hour: Stability and Compassion for Ourselves & the World 2020-04-1754:10
Happy Hour: Breathing In Goodness, Breathing Out Peace 2020-04-1655:18
Happy Hour: Patience Born out of Calm and Kindness 2020-04-1557:01
Happy Hour: Joy and contentment as support in challenging times 2020-04-1450:34
Happy Hour: Equanimity with Unreliability 2020-04-1349:57
Happy Hour: Practicing Equanimity in Challenging Times 2020-04-0854:27
Loving Heart, Resilient Heart (Series) 2020-04-044:56:45
Happy Hour: Metta as Support in Challenging Times (via Zoom) 2020-03-2550:12
Happy Hour: Breathing Interconnection in Challenging Times 2020-03-1852:39
Happy Hour: Meeting Anxiety and Worry with Stability (via Zoom) 2020-03-1148:47
Maranasati Daylong: Awakening to Life Through Contemplating Death (Series) 2020-02-293:24:01
Happy Hour: Working with Self-Judgements 2020-02-2654:28
Happy Hour: Working with Fear through Embodiment and Metta 2020-02-1256:53
Welcoming All 2020-02-0241:14
Happy Hour: Metta and Belonging 2020-01-2955:36
Happy Hour: Grateful for the Ordinary, Awestruck by Humanness 2019-12-1849:43
The Joy of Joy 2019-12-1234:43
Happy Hour: Self-Compassion -- treating oneself as the beloved other 2019-11-2055:53
Mindfulness of Death 2019-11-1843:55
Happy Hour: Refuge, Goodness, Spaciousness, and Grief 2019-11-0653:18
Happy Hour: "Happiness is a Choice You Make" 2019-10-3051:49
Equanimity Parami and Daily Life
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Guided Meditation on Open Mindfulness
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Equanimity and Concentration
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Guided Instructions on Mindfulness of Emotions
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Equanimity Brahmavihara
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Guided Instruction on Mindfulness of Breath and Body 1
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Brief Intro to Equanimity, Refuges, Precepts
Equanimity retreat: Oct 2019, Gil Fronsdal/Nikki Mirghafori
Practicing with Emptiness (Daylong) (Series) 2019-10-194:38:23
Happy Hour: Love and Emptiness 2019-10-0960:24
Happy Hour: Happiness of Taking Refuge in Simplicity 2019-09-2558:13
Our Perceptions of Time 2019-09-2240:35
Happy Hour: The Buddha Is in You 2019-09-1857:14
Happy Hour: Breathing in Love, Breathing out Peace 2019-08-2861:29
Happy Hour: Wishing Well for a Person with Whom We Have Difficulty 2019-07-3155:21
Happy Hour: Cultivating Goodwill for Another 2019-07-2456:03
Happy Hour: Appreciating our Inner Goodness 2019-07-1754:15
Awakening 2019-07-1541:40
Compassion Cultivation Daylong (Series) 2019-07-064:10:44
Happy Hour: Gratitude and Vicarious Joy 2019-07-0360:00
Happy Hour: Metta for Younger Version of Self and a Friend 2019-06-2662:21
Happy Hour: Metta and Equanimity with Quan Yin 2019-06-1954:11
Happy Hour: Metta and Friendship 2019-06-1259:21
Metta and Wisdom: Guided Meditation: Radiating Metta for All Beings
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Metta and Wisdom: Working with Metta for the “Difficult” Person, Anger, and Forgiveness
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Metta and Wisdom: Guided Meditation: Metta for the Neutral Person
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Metta and Wisdom: Metta, Acceptance, and the Brahma Viharas
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Metta and Wisdom: Guided Meditation: Metta for Self and Dear Being
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Metta and Wisdom: Practicing metta with G.R.A.C.E
Metta and Wisdom: May/June 2019, Sayadaw U Jagara/Nikki Mirghafori
Happy Hour: Breathing Compassion for Self 2019-05-2254:02
Happy Hour: Breathing In Our Suffering, Breathing Out Comfort 2019-05-2254:02
Happy Hour: Gratitude 2019-05-0852:43
On Love 2019-05-0542:42
Happy Hour: Compassion for the Baby Within 2019-04-2454:03
Happy Hour: Inviting Yourself Over for Dinner 2019-04-1054:36
Working with Procrastination as Practice 2019-03-3112:21
Happy Hour: Working with Not Enoughness
Happy Hour: Friendliness with Experience 2019-03-1351:16
Maranasati: Contemplating Death (Series) 2019-03-023:49:38
Happy Hour: Thin Places 2019-02-2754:21
Happy Hour: Circle of Love 2019-01-3051:36
Wise Livelihood 2019-01-2841:43
Happy Hour: Mudita (Vicarious Joy) practice 2019-01-2348:39
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness for a Dear One and Self 2019-01-0252:51
Happy Hour: Equanimity Practice 2018-12-0551:46
Happy Hour: Thanksgiving Special (metta for difficult person + gratitude practice) 2018-11-2152:40
Happy Hour: Radiating Metta, Giving and Receiving 2018-11-0746:55
To Be a Scientist of Your Own Mind-Heart 2018-11-0440:49
Happy Hour: Metta for 32 Parts of the Body 2018-10-2452:57
Seven Factors of Awakening (Series) 2018-10-1917:13:13
Happy Hour: Vicarious Joy 2018-10-1055:43
Happy Hour: Self Compassion and Gratitude 2018-08-2260:52
Letting Go & Renunciation: Cultivation
Letting Go & Renunciation, August 9-12 2018, Ines Freedman & Nikki Mirghafori
Happy Hour: Arising Gladness through Contemplating our own Goodness 2018-08-0860:38
Happy Hour: Compassion and Forgiveness for a Recent Difficulty 2018-08-0160:57
Happy Hour: Receiving Unconditional Love 2018-06-2756:13
Happy Hour: Gratitude 2018-06-2061:37
Happy Hour: Equanimity as Friendliness with What Is 2018-06-1361:27
Happy Hour: Taking Joy in Others' Joy 2018-05-2360:10
Happy Hour: Happiness Born from Within 2018-05-0261:39
Happy Hour: Metta From a Stance of Common Humanity 2018-04-1859:57
Guided meditation: radiating metta for all beings
Apr 8-15 2018: Nikki Mirghafori & Donald Rothberg


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