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Diana Clark is a Buddhist practitioner, scholar, teacher, and general supporter of the dharma. She has cumulatively spent more than two years in silent meditation retreats and when not stealing away to go on retreat, she teaches graduate-level courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union. In addition to her graduate degree in Buddhist Studies, she has a PhD in biochemistry and serves the dharma community by being the President of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and the Treasurer of the Insight Retreat Center.

Happy Hour: Loving-kindness as Protection 2019-05-0145:59
Insights Class 2: The Sense Bases 2019-04-2468:04
Insights Class 1: Vedana [Feeling Tone] 2019-04-171:16:08
Insight Teachings for Experienced Practitioners (Series) 2019-04-175:57:44
Brahmavihara Class 4: Equanimity 2019-04-171:31:14
Sutta Study: The Metta Sutta (Series) 2019-04-132:48:32
Brahmavihara Class 3: Appreciative Joy 2019-04-101:32:09
The Hindrance of Ill Will 2019-04-031:11:09
Happy Hour: Anger as a Hindrance for Loving-kindness 2019-04-0351:55
Brahmavihara Class 2: Cultivating Compassion 2019-04-031:32:10
The Five Hindrances: Class 5, The Hindrance of Sensual Desire 2019-03-271:14:34
Brahmavihara Class 1: Loving-kindness 2019-03-271:29:19
Practicing with the Brahmaviharas: Loving-kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity (Series) 2019-03-276:04:55
The Hindrance of Sloth and Torpor 2019-03-2068:54
Happy Hour: Non-ill will and Non-Fear 2019-03-2050:15
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness in Daily Life 2019-03-0657:44
Connections: Befriending Oneself 2019-02-2848:43
The Five Hindrances (Series) 2019-02-275:50:24
Introduction to the Hindrances
Connections: Mindfulness of the Body 2019-02-2154:20
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness 2019-02-2040:23
Connections: Listening and Speaking 2019-02-1452:15
Happy Hour: The Practice of Loving-kindness 2019-02-1358:12
Guided Meditation: Loving Kindness for the Body 2019-02-0911:19
Guided Meditation Body Scan 2019-02-0911:17
Dharmette Directed Mindfulness of the Body 2019-02-0912:54
Guided Meditation Emotions and Bodily Sensations 2019-02-0915:54
Walking Meditation With Receptive Awareness 2019-02-093:22
Dharmette: Intro to Mindfulness of the Body 2019-02-0917:06
Mindfulness of the Body (Series) 2019-02-0932:32
Guided Meditation for Receptive Awareness of the Body 2019-02-0915:25
Exploring Connections With Others 2019-02-0751:19
Connections (Series) 2019-02-073:26:38
Happy Hour Mindfulness and Metta
Morning Guided Instruction 5
Jan 27-Feb 3 2019: Gil Fronsdal, Rachel Lewis, and Diana Clark
Concentration Factor of Awakening
Jan 27-Feb 3 2019: Gil Fronsdal, Rachel Lewis, and Diana Clark
Walking Meditation Instructions
Jan 27-Feb 3 2019: Gil Fronsdal, Rachel Lewis, and Diana Clark
Happy Hour: Transformation 2019-01-0959:28
Happy Hour: The Tree 2018-12-2663:29
Contentment 2018-12-2444:19
Happy Hour: Niceness and Kindness 2018-12-1955:39
Happy Hour: Metta and Difficulties 2018-11-2860:49
Happy Hour: Safety 2018-11-1457:12
Practiticing with Conditionality (Series) 2018-11-0329:28
Conditionality Dharmette 1 2018-11-0315:43
Happy Hour: Compassion for Difficulties 2018-10-3159:00
Faith 2018-10-1862:18
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Connection 2018-10-1751:47
Practicing Off the Cushion 2018-10-1155:33
Zooming In and Zooming Out 2018-10-0463:05
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Equanimity 2018-10-0359:05
Thinking 2018-09-2766:49
Happy Hour: On the Way to Yes 2018-09-2656:17
The Body 2018-09-201:10:06
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Cultivating Attention 2018-09-1959:16
Struggling 2018-09-1363:27
Happy Hour: Guided Metta, Broaden and Build 2018-09-1259:51
Expectations for Practice 2018-09-061:12:41
Supports for Mindfulness (Series) 2018-09-066:31:43
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Curiosity 2018-08-2957:19
Practicing With Provocation 2018-08-1647:59
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and the Inner Critic 2018-08-1560:25
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Resilience 2018-07-1861:21
Mindfulness in the Early Buddhist Teachings (Series) 2018-07-143:27:58
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Kindness 2018-07-1157:25
Anger 2018-07-1048:16
Happy Hour: Guided Metta - Expectations
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Love 2018-05-3035:31
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Conflict 2018-05-0959:51
Opening the Dharma Eye 2018-04-2650:12
Happy Hour: Metta is Not Self Pre-Occupation 2018-04-2559:19
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Experiences 2018-04-1161:24
Practice Note: Interpretations 2018-04-113:14
Dharmette: See a bigger picture 2018-04-1112:36
Happy Hour: Metta Cultivating Calmness 2018-04-0461:28
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Inspiration 2018-03-2861:18
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Being Yourself 2018-03-2159:50
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness and Speech 2018-03-1461:42
The Buddha and the Ogre 2018-03-0842:25
Happy Hour: Metta for Benefactor and Self 2018-03-0760:07
The Rich Guy 2018-03-0152:10
Happy Hour: Guided Metta Turning Arrows into Flowers 2018-02-2861:33
Happy Hour: Metta and Expectations 2018-01-1759:04
Six Wild Animals 2018-01-1712:03
Mindfulness of Body in Movement 2018-01-174:03
Story Telling 2018-01-1441:52
Low energy 2018-01-0953:30
Concentration 2018-01-0453:28
Happy Hour: Metta and Our Aspirations 2018-01-0359:16
Striving 2017-12-2653:01
Happy Hour: Guided Metta Starting Where It's Easy 2017-12-2061:08
Happy Hour: Guided Metta and Fairness 2017-12-0663:46
Metta and Working with Difficulties 2017-10-1862:04
Happy Hour: Guided Metta as Concentration 2017-10-0440:35


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