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Diana Clark is a Buddhist practitioner, scholar, teacher, and general supporter of the dharma. She has cumulatively spent more than two years in silent meditation retreats and when not stealing away to go on retreat, she teaches graduate-level courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union. In addition to her graduate degree in Buddhist Studies, she has a PhD in biochemistry and serves the dharma community by being the President of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies and the Treasurer of the Insight Retreat Center.

Listening Deeply to Help Us Find our Way 2020-06-1528:42
Guided Meditation: Opening to Sounds 2020-06-1529:13
Happy Hour: Love, Harm and Respect 2020-06-1539:36
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness as a Natural Capacity 2020-06-1240:20
Happy Hour: Sensations in the Body as Support 2020-06-1042:25
Happy Hour: Practice as a Kindness 2020-06-0841:26
Happy Hour: Cleansing our Hearts and Minds 2020-06-0348:10
Happy Hour: Deep Listening 2020-06-0144:24
Doing What's Meaningful 2020-05-3125:01
Guided Meditation: Sensitive to the Breath 2020-05-3134:10
Happy Hour: Generosity as Loving-kindness 2020-05-2946:00
Happy Hour: Loving Ourselves 2020-05-2848:02
Happy Hour: Connection 2020-05-2543:47
Sensitive to our experience
May 22-25 2020: Insight Retreat with Nikki Mirghafori and Diana Clark
Happy Hour: Making Space 2020-05-2244:23
Happy Hour: Metta in Action 2020-05-2046:52
Happy Hour: Abiding in Loving-Kindness 2020-05-1952:39
Happy Hour: Of Course! 2020-05-1547:11
Happy Hour: Living a Life of Love 2020-05-1446:31
Happy Hour: Warm-heartedness and Well-being 2020-05-1245:31
Happy Hour: Cultivating our Strengths 2020-05-0742:33
Happy Hour: Non-hatred 2020-05-0553:23
Happy Hour: Broadening our Capacities 2020-05-0139:23
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness as Generosity 2020-04-3042:56
Happy Hour: Changing our Default Story 2020-04-2740:49
Happy Hour: Warming the Heart of Loving-Kindness 2020-04-2343:22
Happy Hour: Our Perceptions Change 2020-04-2158:11
How the Heart Meets the World (Series) 2020-04-083:18:27
Happy Hour: Working with Anxious Thoughts 2020-04-0158:39
Stability and Impermanence 2020-03-0554:21
Happy Hour: Kindness and Happiness 2020-03-0445:48
Effort and Energy 2020-03-0413:50
Striving and Relaxing 2020-03-043:11
Happy Hour: Learning from Difficulty 2020-02-1957:24
Practicing Together: The Role of Spiritual Friendships (Series) 2020-02-192:54:23
Happy Hour: Actions Have Consequences 2020-02-0549:08
Happy Hour: "I Confess" 2020-01-2246:43
Happy Hour: Seeing the Good 2020-01-1551:44
Happy Hour: "The Path of the Serpent Owl" 2020-01-0853:21
Happy Hour: "The Cookie Thief" 2020-01-0147:17
Practice and Connection With Others 2019-12-0553:07
Happy Hour: Using Our Imagination 2019-12-0450:01
Happy Hour: Not Getting Stuck 2019-11-2751:26
Desire 2019-11-2149:52
Reaching Our Aspiration 2019-11-1451:50
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness and Perfectionism 2019-11-1351:15
The Role of Imagination In Practice 2019-11-0755:24
Avoiding Stench and Flies 2019-10-3140:13
Working with the Hindrances with Diana Clark and Tanya Wiser (Series) 2019-10-304:04:39
Powers of Reflection and Cultivation 2019-10-2445:35
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness Supports Resilience 2019-10-2350:08
Happy Hour: Loving-Kindness and Communication 2019-10-1650:46
Being Your Own Teacher (Series) 2019-10-123:50:17
Happy Hour: Loving-Kindness and Connection 2019-10-0248:26
Practice Note: Allow 2019-10-024:35
Dharmette: Defining ourselves 2019-10-0215:36
Views and Feeling Tone 2019-09-2651:32
Views Are Not Direct Experience 2019-09-1951:14
Views and Conflict 2019-09-1251:10
Happy Hour: Caring for Others and for Ourselves 2019-09-1148:39
Views and Spiritual Bypassing 2019-09-0551:44
Happy Hour: Small Kindnesses 2019-09-0446:19
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness as Spiritual Bypass 2019-08-2151:01
Happy Hour: Anti-Faultfinding 2019-08-0749:27
Mindfulness of Emotions 2019-08-0151:28
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness Phrases 2019-06-0548:11
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for Oneself 2019-05-2951:32
Wise Effort: Cultivation & Sustaining
May 24-27 2019: Ines Freedman & Diana Clark
Guided Meditation: Breath
May 24-27 2019: Ines Freedman & Diana Clark
Insights Class 5: Conditionality 2019-05-151:12:49
Happy Hour: Love and Fear 2019-05-1551:38
Insights Class 4: Impermanence 2019-05-0866:59
Insights Class 3: Concepts 2019-05-011:13:43
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness as Protection 2019-05-0145:59
Insights Class 2: The Sense Bases 2019-04-2468:04
Insights Class 1: Vedana [Feeling Tone] 2019-04-171:16:08
Insight Teachings for Experienced Practitioners (Series) 2019-04-175:57:44
Brahmavihara Class 4: Equanimity 2019-04-171:31:14
Sutta Study: The Metta Sutta (Series) 2019-04-132:48:32
Brahmavihara Class 3: Appreciative Joy 2019-04-101:32:09
The Hindrance of Ill Will 2019-04-031:11:09
Happy Hour: Anger as a Hindrance for Loving-kindness 2019-04-0351:55
Brahmavihara Class 2: Cultivating Compassion 2019-04-031:32:10
The Five Hindrances: Class 5, The Hindrance of Sensual Desire 2019-03-271:14:34
Brahmavihara Class 1: Loving-kindness 2019-03-271:29:19
Practicing with the Brahmaviharas: Loving-kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity (Series) 2019-03-276:04:55
The Hindrance of Sloth and Torpor 2019-03-2068:54
Happy Hour: Non-ill will and Non-Fear 2019-03-2050:15
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness in Daily Life 2019-03-0657:44
Connections: Befriending Oneself 2019-02-2848:43
The Five Hindrances (Series) 2019-02-275:50:24
Introduction to the Hindrances
Connections: Mindfulness of the Body 2019-02-2154:20
Happy Hour: Loving Kindness 2019-02-2040:23
Connections: Listening and Speaking 2019-02-1452:15
Happy Hour: The Practice of Loving-kindness 2019-02-1358:12


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