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Shelley has been meditating for over 30 years, the last eleven in the Buddhist Insight tradition. She's one of the leaders and teachers of the Open Door Sangha in Santa Barbara, where she lives, and often serves as a retreat manager at IRC. A wife, mother and grandmother, she also volunteers at a large estate garden, propagating plants and teaching children about their importance to life on earth. Gil Fronsdal is her teacher.

Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for a Dear Friend 2021-03-3052:53
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for the Body 2021-03-1544:52
Wise Effort: Cultivating and Keeping the Skillful
Oct 6-9: Ines Freedman & Shelley Gault
Restlessness, Sloth & Torpor
IRC 2016-05-27 Ines Freedman,Shelley Gault


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