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Tanya Wiser began her formal meditation practice in 2005 immediately following her first Vipassana retreat. She found the practice to be deeply healing and, because she works as a therapist, she wanted to share Mindfulness with her clients so in 2008 she was trained in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy as well as Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention. In 2011 she joined IMC's Dedicated Practitioners Program (DPP4) and began to study the Dharma formally. In 2014 she completed her first month long Vipassana retreat and became a participant in IMC's Dharma Mentor Training Program. She is a student of both Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella.

The Way of Inclusion 2018-11-109:09
Practice Notes, The Breath that includes 2018-11-109:08
Happy Hour: Offering Safety 2018-09-0560:28
Happy Hour: Abundant, Exalted, Immeasurable: MN 99 Subha Sutta
  • Abundant, Exalted, Immeasurable (PDF)
Unhindered::Hindrance of Restlessness and Worry 2018-02-1568:13
Unhindered-Hindrance of Desire 2018-02-011:15:17
Unhindered-Hindrance Of ill Will. 2018-01-251:12:26
Unhindered: Practicing with Challenges in Meditation (Series) 2018-01-116:02:49
Unhindered: Practicing with the Five Hindrances (Series) 2017-09-065:49:34
The Five Hindrances and Guided Meditation 2017-07-041:27:47
Singles Dharma 04 Dec 2015 2015-12-0431:17
Mindful Parents: Listening 2015-10-0947:06
Way Seeking Talk 2015-06-2549:57


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