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This site is an archive of Dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal, Andrea Fella and various guest speakers at the Insight Meditation Center in Redwood City, CA. Each talk illuminates aspects of the Buddha's teachings. The purpose is the same that the Buddha had for his teachings, to guide us toward the end of suffering and the attainment of freedom.

These talks are freely available to download or listen to. Please help support this service with a tax-deductible donation.

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Wisdom, Truth, Relinquishment, Peace Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-3040:54
Applying Dhamma to Climate Change and Keeping a Positive Mind Sister Santussika 2015-11-2943:47
Dharmette: Gratitude for Everything Nikki Mirghafori 2015-11-2517:04
Practice Notes: Gratitude for Everything Nikki Mirghafori 2015-11-254:01
Los Siete Factores de la Iluminación: Fecilidad, Parte 1 Andrea Castillo 2015-11-2450:52
Guided Meditation: Starting Where You Are Andrea Fella 2015-11-2420:10
Exploring Identities Andrea Fella 2015-11-2453:06
Compassion Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-2338:03
Craving and Clinging Around Views
Andrea Fella 2015-11-2244:16
Embodying Lovingkindness Daylong (Series) Meg Gawler 2015-11-212:14:01
Practice in Daily Life Bruni Davila 2015-11-1926:46
Story of Generosity Berget Jelane 2015-11-1816:04
Grieving for Paris Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-1641:12
Practicing with Sincerity Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-1541:57
Women in Buddhism Symposium: In Honor of the Nuns of Aloka Vihara (Series) Various 2015-11-144:44:24
Parliament of World Religions Berget Jelane 2015-11-1243:05
Dharmette: Sincerity Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-1112:37
Practice in the Midst of Life
Andrea Fella 2015-11-1054:33
Quality of Attention Kim Allen 2015-11-0845:04
A Buddhist Perspective On Romance
Bill Kostura 2015-11-0624:34
Dharma Practice Day: Mindfulness of Breathing - Class 3, part 2 Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-061:40:44
Dharma Practice Day: Mindfulness of Breathing - Class 3, part 1 Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-062:06:05
Contemplating Impermanence
Andrea Fella 2015-11-0552:18
Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation Building on the Foundation Class 5 Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-041:30:28
Being Here Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-044:12
Being Your Own Teacher Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-0410:19
The Wandering Mind Andrea Fella 2015-11-0353:16
Benefits of Failure Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-0229:32
Distraction and Attention Gil Fronsdal 2015-11-0140:46
Happiness Through Practice Andrea Fella 2015-10-2951:46
Dharmette: Shadow Thoughts and Views Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2812:40
Practice Notes: Shift subtle attitudes Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-285:57
Los Siete Factores de la Iluminación: Energía, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2015-10-2744:16
Why Do We Practice? Andrea Fella 2015-10-2755:13
Being with Conflict and Discomfort Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2640:35
Eightfold Path: Right View - Part 1 Kim Allen 2015-10-2555:01
Eightfold Path: Right View - Part 2 Chris Clifford 2015-10-2556:55
Perspective that Leads to Liberation from Suffering Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2532:12
Principles of Cordiality: Emancipating View
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Ruth King 2015-10-2357:52
Principles of Cordiality: Virtue and Concentration
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2252:24
Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation: Emotions
Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-211:28:11
Principles of Cordiality: Sharing and Generosity
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Ruth King 2015-10-2158:00
Guided Instruction: Mindfulness of Thinking
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2133:34
The Hidden Jewel Kim Allen 2015-10-2114:17
Noticing What is Nourishing for The Heart Kim Allen 2015-10-211:15
Meditación Guiada: Metta Andrea Castillo 2015-10-2031:53
Principles of Cordiality: Metta in Thought
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-2054:36
Establishing Mindfulness: Awakening Factors Max Erdstein 2015-10-2055:37
Guided Meditation: Awakening Factors Max Erdstein 2015-10-2029:27
Letting Go: 2nd Step of Eightfold Path John Martin 2015-10-1937:41
Principle of Cordiality: Metta in speech
Oct 17-24, 2015: Gil Fronsdal & Ruth King
Ruth King 2015-10-1959:33
Principle of Cordiality: Metta in action
Gil Fronsdal Sept 13-27, 2015
Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-1853:49
Meditation is Good for Nothing Misha Merrill 2015-10-1850:16
Body Speech and Mind - Part 3 Kim Allen 2015-10-1551:56
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Class 2 - Body Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-141:31:55
Dharmette: Desire and Wise Life Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-1414:11
Practice Notes: Notice Desire Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-143:40
Los Siete Factores de la Iluminación: Energía, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2015-10-1344:30
Meditación Guiada. Atención Plena, Investigación y Energía Andrea Castillo 2015-10-1333:03
Establishing mindfulness: hindrances Max Erdstein 2015-10-1347:23
Guided meditation: hindrances Max Erdstein 2015-10-1333:12
Karma: Skillful and Unskillful Actions Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-1242:14
Buddhist Teachings on Karma Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-1136:49
Mindful Parents: Listening Tanya Wiser 2015-10-0947:06
Dharma Practice series: Mindfulness of Breathing (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-096:00:39
Body Speech and Mind - Part 2 Kim Allen 2015-10-0844:54
Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation - Class 1 - Breath/Posture Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-071:27:42
Being, Trusting in The Body Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-0712:29
Being Rooted Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-073:34
Establishing Mindfulness: mind states Max Erdstein 2015-10-0639:54
Guided meditation: mind states Max Erdstein 2015-10-0633:45
Vision for the Environment Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-0535:32
Eightfold Path Program 2015-16 (Series) Chris Clifford 2015-10-041:37:27
Earth Week Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-0434:26
Perceptions Gil Fronsdal 2015-10-0338:52
Cultivating Buddhist Love in Daily Life
Dawn Neal 2015-10-0215:57
Body, Speech and Mind - Part 1 Kim Allen 2015-10-0149:27
Dharmette: Question and Answer Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-3014:46
Practice Notes: Relax the Eyes Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-303:03
Factores de la Iluminación: Investigación Andrea Castillo 2015-09-2955:01
Establishing Mindfulness: Feeling Max Erdstein 2015-09-2942:56
Guided Meditation: Feeling Max Erdstein 2015-09-2932:19
Unification Of Mind Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-2840:19
The Practice of Samadhi Nikki Mirghafori 2015-09-2740:48
The Gift of Listening Andrea Castillo 2015-09-2449:58
Dharmette: Self compassion in the Practice Robert Cusick 2015-09-2313:40
Practice Notes: Intention Robert Cusick 2015-09-230:43
Establishing Mindfulness: Body Max Erdstein 2015-09-2236:44
Guided meditation: mindfulness of the body Max Erdstein 2015-09-2232:09
Nothing Holy About It Tim Burkett 2015-09-2140:41
The True Dharma Has Disappeared Thanissaro Bhikkhu 2015-09-2043:15
The Thai Forest Masters (Series) Thanissaro Bhikkhu 2015-09-193:25:09
Minimizing Fear Diana Clark 2015-09-1737:27
Dharmette:Field of Generosity Diana Clark 2015-09-1614:31
Practice Notes: Noticing Diana Clark 2015-09-162:11
Guided Meditation Max Erdstein 2015-09-1524:00
Establishing Mindfulness Overview Max Erdstein 2015-09-1541:38
Walking this Earth with Grace Meg Gawler 2015-09-1444:25
The Radiance of Emptiness Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-1345:09
Mindfulness of Breathing Daylong (Series) Gil Fronsdal 2015-09-121:14:41


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