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Different Kinds of Happiness Andrea Fella 2014-09-1153:03
Dharmette Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-1016:33
PracticeNotes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-105:24
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-09-0943:48
Friendship Andrea Fella 2014-09-0957:16
Mindfulness of Mind States
Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0838:01
Jhanic Factors: Factors of Absorption Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0740:58
Non-hatred and the Empathetic Heart Maria Straatmann 2014-09-0458:00
Relaxed Concentration Nikki Mirghafori 2014-09-0312:58
Relaxed Concentration Nikki Mirghafori 2014-09-033:12
Los Límites Personales: ¿En Conflicto con el Dharma? Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-09-0257:08
Opening to Unreliability Andrea Fella 2014-09-0250:47
Ways of Knowing Gil Fronsdal 2014-09-0140:35
Samadhi - Concentration Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-3139:36
Love is Our Practice Robert Cusick 2014-08-2851:09
Anticipation Ines Freedman 2014-08-2711:50
Los Diez Paramis: Ecuanimidad, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-08-2654:30
Spiritual Warrior Berget Jelane 2014-08-2659:08
Living A Life of Refuge Meg Gawler 2014-08-2541:08
How Do I Practice With This Maria Straatmann 2014-08-2445:09
Love On The Path Andrea Fella 2014-08-2151:33
Recognize, Feel, Relax Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-2010:18
Thinking vs What is Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-205:44
Los Diez Paramis: Ecuanimidad, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-08-1941:01
Three Types of Dukkha Andrea Fella 2014-08-1952:51
Mindfulness of Body Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1841:54
Contentment Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1742:09
Eightfold Path
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Annie Nugent 2014-08-1662:25
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Andrea Fella 2014-08-1562:50
Four Noble Truths
Aug 13-17, 2014 : Andrea Fella/ Annie Nugent
Annie Nugent 2014-08-1457:00
Gratitude Diana Clark 2014-08-1441:09
The Practice Coming Through us Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1313:44
Questions and Comments About Identity Andrea Fella 2014-08-1254:07
Subjective Experience of Desire
Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1150:09
Generosity Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-1040:40
Mindfulness of Mind Daylong: August 2014 (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-08-093:54:12
Reflective practices for Daily Life Andrea Fella 2014-08-0753:52
Frames of Reference Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-0614:05
Perception in The Body Gil Fronsdal 2014-08-064:08
A Magic Show
Andrea Fella 2014-08-0555:35
Working With Thoughts in Daily Life Andrea Fella 2014-08-0442:06
Daily Life Practice Retreat: August 2014 (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-08-037:51:53
Insight Out with Richard Poma and Robert Fry
Jacques Verduin 2014-08-0359:32
not available Various 2014-08-010:00
Opening to Difficulty Andrea Fella 2014-07-3146:08
Mindfulness of the Body Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-3013:21
Embodied Mind Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-302:46
Aplicando el Dharma a las Pérdidas Amorosas, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-07-2962:57
Heaps of Stuff
Andrea Fella 2014-07-2950:45
Three Kinds of Equanimity Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2843:30
Mindfulness - Part 2
Jul 28, 2014 Discussion with Joseph Goldstein
Joseph Goldstein 2014-07-2861:42
Mindfulness - Part 1
Jul 28, 2014 Discussion with Joseph Goldstein
Joseph Goldstein 2014-07-281:20:49
Intention Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2734:17
Guided Reflections: Highest Intentions Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-2438:18
Practice Notes Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-235:16
Sustained Attention Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2310:38
Aplicando el Dharma a las Pérdidas Amorosas Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-07-2260:03
The Gift of Effort Maria Straatmann 2014-07-2256:46
QA Enlightenment, Spiritual Time, Pity, Intention, Forgiveness Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-2141:13
Afternoon Reflections: Delusion
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2014-07-2065:28
The Taste of the Dharma Oren J. Sofer 2014-07-2041:12
The Acrobat Simile: Guided Reflection Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-1725:09
Afternoon Reflection: The Comings and Goings of MIndfulness
Mindfulness of Mind
Andrea Fella 2014-07-1757:37
Working With Perception Rebecca Dixon 2014-07-1611:19
Perception Rebecca Dixon 2014-07-161:20
Intention as Motivation Maria Straatmann 2014-07-1550:25
The Acrobat Simile (Protecting Oneself & Others) Nikki Mirghafori 2014-07-1442:16
Application Of The Four Noble Truths Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-1344:10
Mindfulness of Mind: All Public Retreat Talks (Series) Andrea Fella 2014-07-1220:54:07
Mindfulness and Concentration Andrea Fella 2014-07-1054:44
It is Not About Me Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-0915:49
Seeing Experience In a New Way Gil Fronsdal 2014-07-094:32
Studying the Self Andrea Fella 2014-07-0852:28
Holding the Dhamma Dhammaruwan 2014-07-0759:41
Guided Meditation Dhammaruwan 2014-07-0716:18
Acceptance, Allowing and Action Andrea Fella 2014-07-0643:10
Embodied Awareness Andrea Fella 2014-07-0353:58
Freedom With In Berget Jelane 2014-07-0220:31
Fredom Berget Jelane 2014-07-020:32
Exploring the Delusion of Self Andrea Fella 2014-07-0154:50
Five Faculties
Max Erdstein 2014-06-3044:48
Enjoying Your Thoughts Bhante Buddharakkhita 2014-06-2939:27
Probando, Internalizando, y Viviendo el Dharma
Jun 26-29, 2014 Retreat: Rebecca Bradshaw/ Andrea Castillo
Andrea Castillo 2014-06-2858:45
La Atención Plena y el Amor Bondadoso
Jun 26-29, 2014 Retreat: Rebecca Bradshaw/ Andrea Castillo
Rebecca Bradshaw 2014-06-2758:08
Some Fruits of Practice Matthew Brensilver 2014-06-2632:25
Practice Questions Matthew Brensilver 2014-06-2619:23
The Medicine That Cures David Cohn 2014-06-2519:43
Softening Right Effort David Cohn 2014-06-253:41
Las Diez Perfecciones: La Resolución, Parte II Andrea Castillo 2014-06-2424:40
The Defilements Robert Cusick 2014-06-2345:51
Practice With Possibility Robert Thomas 2014-06-2245:19
Wisdom Compassion Daylong Robert Cusick 2014-06-212:31:43
The Way Out of Conflict Daniel Bowling 2014-06-1959:39
Embracing Nikki Mirghafori 2014-06-1811:11
Embracing The Present Moment Nikki Mirghafori 2014-06-181:25
Las Diez Perfecciones: Resolución, Parte I Andrea Castillo 2014-06-1742:35
Deeper Delusions Andrea Fella 2014-06-1756:04
Metta Paul Haller 2014-06-1641:26
The 5 Aggregates Gil Fronsdal 2014-06-1545:25


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