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Jan 21-28: Gil Fronsdal, Leigh Brasington  
Insight Retreat Center
January 21, 2017 to January 28, 2017
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Jan 21-28: Gil Fronsdal, Leigh Brasington

Opening talk, refuges, precepts Leigh Brasington 2017-01-2141:58
Instructions: Mindfulness of Breathing Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2263:35
Four Jhanas Leigh Brasington 2017-01-2255:45
Instructions for Entering First Jhana Leigh Brasington 2017-01-2338:59
Samadhi Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2358:28
Instructions: Samadhi and Mindfulness of thinking Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2439:08
Instructions: Mindfulness of Vedana Leigh Brasington 2017-01-2553:24
Cultivation and Insight: The Three Characteristics and their oppositites Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2550:54
Instruction: Stability, Well-being and Confidence
Jan 21-28: Gil Fronsdal, Leigh Brasington
Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2642:33
Dependent Origination and Conceptulations Leigh Brasington 2017-01-2656:00
Letting go and liberation Gil Fronsdal 2017-01-2758:16

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