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Sep 3-10: Max Erdstein & Brian Lesage  
Insight Retreat Center
September 3, 2017 to September 10, 2017
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Morning Instructions: Breath Brian Lesage 2017-09-0456:59
To Study the Self is to Forget the Self Max Erdstein 2017-09-0456:53
Morning instructions: Body Max Erdstein 2017-09-0545:58
Carrying Yourself Forward and Myriad Things Coming Forward Brian Lesage 2017-09-0545:21
Firewood and Ash Max Erdstein 2017-09-0645:12
Moon in a Dewdrop Brian Lesage 2017-09-0745:42
Morning instructions: Thinking Max Erdstein 2017-09-0751:48
Morning instructions: Choiceless Awareness Brian Lesage 2017-09-0843:11
Can We Have Wind without Fanning? Max Erdstein 2017-09-0842:50
Morning instructions: Compassion Max Erdstein 2017-09-0947:02
Views Brian Lesage 2017-09-0943:50

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