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This daylong explores a practice of receptive awareness, recognizing the natural flow of experience moment to moment.

Mindfulness of MInd: Basic Instructions Andrea Fella 2014-03-2929:40
Initial Guided Meditation Andrea Fella 2014-03-2936:24
Walking Instructions Andrea Fella 2014-03-2921:22
Working With Challenging States of Mind Andrea Fella 2014-03-296:12
Guided Meditation 2 Andrea Fella 2014-03-2910:03
Q&A Andrea Fella 2014-03-299:48
Working With Thoughts Andrea Fella 2014-03-2916:04
Guided Meditation 3 Andrea Fella 2014-03-2913:22
Afternoon Q&A Andrea Fella 2014-03-2926:36
Guided Meditation 4 Andrea Fella 2014-03-295:13


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