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Recordings from a week-long non-residential retreat emphasizing practice in daily life.

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Opening Day Part 1: Introduction
Andrea Fella 2015-04-1249:24
Opening Day Part 2: Discussion about Walking Practice Andrea Fella 2015-04-1213:48
Opening Day Part 3: Practices to Support Mindfulness in Daily Life Andrea Fella 2015-04-1252:10
Opening Day Part 4: Practice in Relationship Andrea Fella 2015-04-1241:57
Daily Life Practice Retreat: Monday Morning Part 1
Andrea Fella 2015-04-1310:10
Daily Life Practice Retreat Monday Morning Part 2 Andrea Fella 2015-04-138:30
Relationship is Practice Andrea Fella 2015-04-1342:25
Tuesday Morning Part 1 Andrea Fella 2015-04-145:56
Tuesday Morning Part 2 Andrea Fella 2015-04-144:05
Tuesday Morning Part 3 Andrea Fella 2015-04-148:38
Recognizing Mindfulness Andrea Fella 2015-04-1448:06
Tuesday Evening Session Andrea Fella 2015-04-142:29
Wednesday Morning Session part 1 Andrea Fella 2015-04-1522:43
Wednesday Morning Session Part 2 Andrea Fella 2015-04-155:32
Guided Meditation: Expanding Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-04-1524:03
Wednesday Evening Session Andrea Fella 2015-04-157:34
Thursday Morning Session Andrea Fella 2015-04-1622:43
Core Truths and Core Wishes
Andrea Fella 2015-04-1751:18
Guided Meditation: Receptive Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-04-1633:31
Receptive Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-04-1654:27
Friday Morning Session Andrea Fella 2015-04-1732:43


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