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Non-residential week-end retreat taught in the style of Sayadaw U Tejaniya.

Basic Instructions Andrea Fella 2015-07-2542:30
Guided Meditation 01 Andrea Fella 2015-07-2527:26
Q and A and Walking Instructions Andrea Fella 2015-07-2526:25
Guided Meditation 02
Andrea Fella 2015-07-2533:36
Tools for Working with Difficulties Andrea Fella 2015-07-2512:25
Mindfulness of Thinking Andrea Fella 2015-07-2517:21
Guided Meditation 03 Andrea Fella 2015-07-2541:33
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-2537:49
Guided Meditation 04 Andrea Fella 2015-07-2525:11
Taking the Meditation Home Andrea Fella 2015-07-2511:14
Receptive Awareness Andrea Fella 2015-07-2636:59
Instruction Review and Q & A Andrea Fella 2015-07-2649:21
Guided Meditation 05 Andrea Fella 2015-07-2628:44
Body and Mind Andrea Fella 2015-07-2620:33
Guided Meditation 06 Andrea Fella 2015-07-2629:18
Perception Andrea Fella 2015-07-264:59
Afternoon Questions Andrea Fella 2015-07-2639:02


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