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Recordings include Andrea's responses to questions, but not the questions themselves. Participant discussions are not included.

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Introduction to Daily Life Practice Retreat Andrea Fella 2017-08-2734:49
Walking Instrutions for Daily Life Practice Andrea Fella 2017-08-2711:47
Supports for Mindfulness in Daily Life Andrea Fella 2017-08-2749:37
Exploring Hindrances in Daily Life Andrea Fella 2017-08-2749:50
Monday Morning Reflections: Part 1 Andrea Fella 2017-08-289:08
Monday Morning Reflections: Part 2 Andrea Fella 2017-08-2821:24
The Five Hindrances: Part 1
Andrea Fella 2017-08-2843:42
The Five Hindrances: Part 2
Andrea Fella 2017-08-2924:20
Tuesday Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-08-2912:21
Wednesday Morning: Reflective Practice Andrea Fella 2017-08-3029:48
Wednesday Evening Reflections Part 1 Andrea Fella 2017-08-305:26
Wednesday Evening Reflections Part 2 Andrea Fella 2017-08-3021:12
Thursday Morning Reflection Andrea Fella 2017-08-3131:23
No Part Left Out Andrea Fella 2017-08-3153:31
Friday Morning Reflections Andrea Fella 2017-09-0147:46
Mindfulness of Mind Daylong: September 2017 (Series) Andrea Fella 2017-09-022:16:59


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