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Nikki Mirghafori was introduced to contemplative practices and yoga in the early 1980s, to meditation in 1991, and to Theravada Buddhism in 2003. She has studied jhanas and a detailed analytical method of vipassana under the guidance of Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, who instructed her to teach. Nikki has completed teacher training programs at Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research & Education, UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, and is currently part of Jack Kornfield's Spirit Rock/IMS/IMC Teacher Training with Gil Fronsdal as her mentor. She holds a PhD in computer science from UC Berkeley and works as a research scientist in academia.

Reflections On Forgiveness 2014-12-1438:32
Relaxed Concentration 2014-09-0312:58
Relaxed Concentration 2014-09-033:12
Mindfulness of the Body 2014-07-3013:21
Embodied Mind 2014-07-302:46
Guided Reflections: Highest Intentions 2014-07-2438:18
The Acrobat Simile: Guided Reflection 2014-07-1725:09
The Acrobat Simile (Protecting Oneself & Others) 2014-07-1442:16
Embracing 2014-06-1811:11
Embracing The Present Moment 2014-06-181:25
Reflections on Giving 2014-05-2250:23
We Are Nature 2014-03-2048:34
Wisdom and Acceptance 2014-03-1742:45
Practicing Metta To Work With Anger And Resentment 2014-03-0941:10
Metta & Brahmaviharas 2014-03-0240:42
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Mind Objects Part 2 2013-10-0352:23
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Guided Meditation 2013-10-0328:11
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Mind Objects - Part 1 2013-09-2650:05
Guided Meditation: Mind Objects 2013-09-2631:00
Having Trust in Faith 2013-09-2333:10
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Feeling and Mind 2013-09-1952:35
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Guided Meditation, Feeling Tone 2013-09-1930:29
Four Foundations of Mindfulness: Body 2013-09-1252:50
Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Series) 2013-09-122:15:55
Right View As Helpful Perspective 2013-08-1552:31
The Practice of Compassion 2013-08-0441:36
Abiding in the Mind of Lovingkindness 2013-06-1355:36
Saint Metta Day - Part 2 2013-02-1453:45
Guided Meditation on Metta for Self 2013-02-1432:19
Saint Metta Day 2013-02-0750:21
Saint Metta/Valentine's Day (Series) 2013-02-072:16:26


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