Fabrication (Sankhara) with Ajaan Thanissaro (Geoff) RSS

Saturday September 5th, 2020 10 AM - 3:30 PM

The insights that free the mind from suffering revolve around the concept of fabrication (sankhara). They involve confirming the fact that we fabricate our experience through our intentions, and evaluating the value of fabricated experiences: to what extent they're worth the effort that goes into fabricating them and to what extent they're not. This course, based on the essay, The Mirror of Insight, explores how the Buddha analyzes different types of fabrication and how he recommends using them to develop the insights that arrive at an unfabricated goal.

Fabrication (Sankhara) - Part 1: Lecture Ajaan Thanissaro 2020-09-05 32:13
Fabrication (Sankhara) - Part 1: Question and Answer Ajaan Thanissaro 2020-09-05 46:23
Fabrication (Sankhara) - Part 2: Lecture and Question and Answer Ajaan Thanissaro 2020-09-05 1:41:50


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