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The Ten Perfections (pāramī) provide a useful framework for leading a meaningful life, especially for lay Dhamma practice. This course-- through readings in the Pali Canon and the teachings of the Thai Forest Tradition, along with talks, discussions, and meditations-- explored, ways in which these perfections can be pursued effectively in an imperfect world.

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The Ten Perfections - guided meditation 1 Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-16 33:36
The Ten Perfections - discernment teachings Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-16 1:29:44
The Ten Perfections - Metta Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-16 1:26:23
The Ten Perfections - Truth and Virtue Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-16 1:35:24
The Ten Perfections - Persistence and Giving Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-17 1:19:37
The Ten Perfections - Renunciation, Endurance, Equanimity Ajaan Thanissaro 2017-09-17 59:43


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