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Unhindered: Practicing with the Five Hindrances RSS

5-week course with Tanya Wiser and Diana Clark including teachings, instructions and discussion of practicing with the five hindrances of desire, aversion, sloth and torpor, restlessness and worry, and doubt

Unhindered Class 1: Introduction to the Hindrances
Tanya Wiser 2017-09-06 1:33:39
Unhindered Class 2: Sensual Desire
Diana Clark 2017-09-13 1:31:47
Unhindered Class 3: Aversion
Tanya Wiser 2017-09-20 1:21:48
Unhindered Class 4: Restlessness
Tanya Wiser 2017-09-27 1:23:13
Unhindered Class 5: Doubt and Sloth&Torpor
Tanya Wiser 2017-10-04 1:20:29


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