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Reverend Heng Sure

Rev. Heng Sure currently serves as Director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery and teaches at the Institute for World Religions. Rev. Sure ordained as a Buddhist monk in 1976. He met his teacher, the late Ven. Master Hsüan Hua, while finishing an M.A. in Oriental Languages at UC Berkeley. After receiving full ordination in the Mahayana tradition of Chinese Buddhism he commenced a "three steps, one bow" pilgrimage. With a fellow monk, he traveled more than 600 miles up the California Coastal Highway from Pasadena to Ukiah, making a full prostration to the ground every three steps. They dedicated their efforts to world peace. The journey took over two years and nine months to complete. During the pilgrimage and for two years following, he observed a practice of total silence. Some talks and chants are available at

Music in the Dharma (Part 1) 2005-06-1032:03
Music in the Dharma (Part 2) 2005-06-1024:19
Music in the Dharma (Part 3) 2005-06-1029:11
Music in the Dharma (Part 4) 2005-06-1021:50
Compassion (Part 1) 2005-02-2749:08
Compassion (Part 2 - Songs) 2005-02-279:19


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