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As a dharma teacher, Diana Clark, PhD, draws from her extensive retreat practice to teach in a warm-hearted and relevant manner. Being inspired by the Buddha’s teachings on peace and freedom, she teaches with an emphasis on both the beautiful and the practical and with a commitment to creating the conditions for the unfolding of both wisdom and compassion. As a Buddhist scholar Diana teaches courses on Theravada Buddhism at the Graduate Theological Union. She also leads discussions with dharma communities that explore the discourses of the Buddha with an emphasis on making these beautiful ancient teachings helpful and supportive today.

Sila and Suffering 2021-06-1428:48
Guided Meditation: "If only" 2021-06-1431:14
Happy Hour: Finding Freedom 2021-06-1043:17
Happy Hour: Gaining Clarity 2021-06-0832:36
Happy Hour: Opening our views of others 2021-06-0345:45
Happy Hour: Generosity and Loving-kindness 2021-06-0144:14
Letting go and Connecting 2021-05-3131:00
Guided Meditation: Being Generous 2021-05-3128:58
Happy Hour: Compassion and Equanimity 2021-05-2746:51
Happy Hour: Compassion and Broken Hearts 2021-05-2538:19
Worldly and Unworldly Vedana 2021-05-2429:24
Guided Meditation: Being with Unpleasant Sensations 2021-05-2430:48
Happy Hour: Inclining towards kindness 2021-05-2144:56
Happy Hour: The Secrets We Keep 2021-05-1844:40
The Tone of Vedana 2021-05-1729:26
Guided meditation: Noticing the feeling tone 2021-05-1730:15
Happy Hour: Fear of Floundering 2021-05-1343:10
Happy Hour: Getting Off the Hedonic Treadmill 2021-05-1144:17
The Broken Promises of Pleasant Sensations 2021-05-1028:42
Feeling Tone or Vedana (Series) 2021-05-101:27:33
Guided Meditation: Feeling tone 2021-05-1030:56
Happy Hour: Being quiet 2021-05-0643:44
Happy Hour: Planting Blossoms 2021-05-0439:06
Fear as a Vehicle 2021-05-0328:17
Guided Meditation: Gaining Confidence 2021-05-0330:06
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for those we often don't see 2021-04-2938:00
Happy Hour: Having a Meaningful Life 2021-04-2745:12
Working with Doubt 2021-04-2629:46
Guided Meditation: Noticing thoughts 2021-04-2629:14
Happy Hour: Awe and Wonder 2021-04-2042:51
Crossing the Floods 2021-04-1928:16
Guided Meditation: R.A.F.T. 2021-04-1929:37
Afternoon Guidance: Mindfulness of Thoughts
4 day Online Insight Retreat with Diana Clark and Nikki Mirghafori
Morning Guidance: Working with Emotions: R.A.F.T.
4 day Online Insight Retreat with Diana Clark and Nikki Mirghafori
4 day Online Insight Retreat with Diana Clark and Nikki Mirghafori
Happy Hour: Happy for others 2021-04-1540:19
Happy Hour: Our Relationship to Happiness 2021-04-1339:59
Happy Hour: Our Humanity 2021-04-1343:27
Letting Go 2021-04-1229:17
Guided Meditation: Letting go 2021-04-1229:40
The Power of Reflection 2021-04-1129:21
Guided Meditation: Effortless Effort 2021-04-1134:33
Happy Hour: Mudita 2021-04-0643:12
Mindfulness of mental activity 2021-02-2230:05
Guided meditation: The Experience of Thinking 2021-02-2229:34
Tools for Calming Mental Activity
1 week Online Insight Retreat with Gil Fronsdal, Diana Clark, with Shelley Gault for auditor support
Mindfulness of Breathing: Calming mental activity
1 week Online Insight Retreat with Gil Fronsdal, Diana Clark, with Shelley Gault for auditor support
Happy Hour: Compassion for a Mildly Difficult Person 2021-02-1642:24
Happy Hour: Honor and Compassion 2021-02-1144:13
Happy Hour: Compassion and the Inner Critic 2021-02-0946:35
Faith 2021-02-0827:37
Guided Meditation: Confidence 2021-02-0832:19
Happy Hour: Compassion for Oneself 2021-02-0443:55
Happy Hour: Compassion and Empathy 2021-02-0245:40
Being a Refuge for Others 2021-02-0127:46
Guided Meditation: Creating a Refuge 2021-02-0130:22
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for All Beings 2021-01-2846:57
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for a difficult person 2021-01-2643:23
Strengths 2021-01-2526:34
Guided Meditation: Appreciation 2021-01-2530:58
Happy Hour: Working with the Difficult Person 2021-01-2143:21
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for the neutral person 2021-01-1916:18
Working with Fear 2021-01-1827:31
Guided Meditation: Broad Mindfulness 2021-01-1831:22
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for Self 2021-01-1442:46
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for Oneself 2021-01-1243:36
Faith and Wisdom 2021-01-1128:18
Guided Meditation: Feeling Supported 2021-01-1130:52
Happy Hour: Loving-kindness for loveable being and self 2021-01-0744:33
Dharma Life (Series) 2021-01-078:29:37
Happy Hour: Foundations of Practice 2021-01-0545:18
Different Aspects of Experience 2021-01-0427:48
Guided Meditation: Sensations of Breathing 2021-01-0428:32
Happy Hour: Healing Fragmentation 2020-12-3147:09
Equanimity and the New Year 2020-12-2828:30
Guided Meditation: Breathing comfortably 2020-12-2830:52
Happy Hour: Like the chickadee 2020-12-2239:04
Balancing the Faculties 2020-12-2128:48
Guided meditation: Balancing effort 2020-12-2131:10
Happy Hour: When has it worn away? 2020-12-1742:46
Brahmavihāras: Compassion (4 of 5) 2020-12-1716:42
Guided Meditation: Cultivating Compassion 2020-12-1730:37
Happy Hour: Everyone has a story 2020-12-1545:47
Capping Off 2020: Equanimity of Mind and Heart (Series) 2020-12-154:42:45
Developing the Faculties 2020-12-1428:18
Guided Meditation: Bringing in Energy 2020-12-1431:10
Happy Hour: Peace is Possible 2020-12-1045:10
Happy Hour: Forgiveness as Releasing Resentment 2020-12-0848:06
Cultivating the Faculties 2020-12-0730:49
Cultivating the Five Faculties (Series) 2020-12-072:22:47
Guided Meditation: Letting go 2020-12-0730:06
Happy Hour: Forgiveness 2020-12-0349:04
Happy Hour: Self-forgiveness 2020-12-0146:55
Happy Hour: Forgiveness (Series) 2020-12-012:24:06
Perspectives 2020-11-3030:58
Guided Meditation: Becoming sensitive 2020-11-3030:02
Happy Hour: Cultivating Gratitude 2020-11-2447:22
Equanimity 2020-11-2329:58
Guided Meditation: Well-being 2020-11-2331:59
Happy Hour: Practice as "Getting Familiar With" 2020-11-1944:16


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