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Meg Gawler began practicing Buddhism in 1968 as a disciple of the Zen Master, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi, including over three years of monastic training. She earned a Master’s in Applied Ecology, moved to France, pursued an international career in nature conservation and human development, and began practicing in the Theravāda tradition. She has trained with Gil Fronsdal, Ven. Anālayo, Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and others. Meg holds a Master’s in Buddhist Studies, specializing in early Theravāda texts. She is authorized as a Dharma teacher by both Jack Kornfield and Gil Fronsdal, and teaches in English and in French. In addition, Meg teaches Radiant Heart Qigong in the tradition of Teja Bell.

Fire, Suffering, and the Arising of Confidence
Heartbreak In These Troubling Times 2018-05-2044:23
Guided Meditation: Empathy and Kindness 2018-03-0329:06
Guided Meditation: Tranquility as a Source of Contentment 2018-03-0329:20
Embodying Contentment-Body, Mind and Heart 2018-03-0334:36
Guided Meditation: Settling In 2018-03-0340:54
Embodying Contentment (Series) 2018-03-031:44:51
Dharmette: Gladness Born of Confidence
Practice Note: Practicing With Gladness
Dharmalogical Functions of the Therīgāthā for Practitioners Today 2017-11-181:16:48
Group Reflections on the Poems of Sumaṅgalamātā and Subhā 2017-11-1827:07
Performance of Ambapālī's Poem 2017-11-187:42
Poetry Reading - The Therīgāthā as a Big Tent 2017-11-1829:52
A Scholar's Approach to the Therīgāthā - Part 2 2017-11-1821:49
A Scholar's Approach to the Therīgāthā - Part 1 2017-11-1847:33
Liberative Dependent Arising and Poems from the Therigatha on Faith
Guided Meditation: Softening into Awareness
Embodying Joy Daylong (Series) 2017-07-222:56:38
Tastes of Freedom: Poems from the Therigatha 2017-05-0842:43
Embodying Compassion Daylong (Series) 2016-06-111:21:23
The Truth of Freedom - Examples from the Therigatha 2016-06-0649:01
This Path Towards Freedom: Miracle of Each Moment 2015-12-2845:46
Guided Meditation - Miracle of the Body 2015-12-2831:22
Embodying Lovingkindness Daylong (Series) 2015-11-212:14:14
Women in Buddhism Symposium: Poems of Early Buddhist Nuns 2015-11-1444:52
Walking this Earth with Grace 2015-09-1444:25
Equanimity: Body, Mind and Heart 2015-05-2338:45
Embodying Equanimity Daylong (Series) 2015-05-234:02:15
Finding Refuge in the Truth 2015-03-2343:35
Living A Life of Refuge 2014-08-2541:08


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