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Ying Chen was born in China and immigrated to US as a young adult. She took refuge to become a buddhist with Venerable Ji Ru in 1995. She was exposed to Chinese Mahayana Buddhism after coming to US first. Then since 2001, she was drawn to the Theravada tradition and has been practicing primarily under the guidance of Gil Fronsdal. Ying is a graduate of the Sati Center Chaplaincy program and Local Dharma Leader program from Insight Meditation Center. She also studied suttas under the guidance of Shaila Catherine. She currently facilitates the Insight Meditation Center support group for people living with illness and co-lead Asian Dharma Circle with Lilu Chen.
陈颖出生于中国大陆。年轻时移民美国。1995在继如法师门下皈依佛法僧成为在家佛弟子。她一开始接触中国大乘佛教。2001之后接触南传佛教,多在Gil Fronsdal门下修行。陈颖是Sati中心牧师训练和 IMC佛法指导训练的毕业生。现在陈颖在IMC负责亚裔佛法班和如何面对疾病的佛法班的活动。

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