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Chris Clifford has practiced meditation at IMC and other Insight centers since 1995. In her own practice and teaching she emphasizes the integration of regular meditation practice with mindfulness in daily life. She also values the opportunities she has had to sit many long retreats. She is a former software engineer. Currently she manages retreats for The Mountain Hermitage in New Mexico and volunteers tutoring ESL and offering basic meditation instruction in California.

Eightfold Path Program 2017-18 (Series) 2017-09-244:22:26
Praise and Blame 2017-05-0455:04
Resolve 2016-12-2756:39
Eightfold Path Program 2016-17 (Series) 2016-09-251:17:45
Eightfold Path Program 2015-16 (Series) 2015-10-041:37:27
Eightfold Path Program 2014-15 (Series) 2014-09-1411:13:56
Beginners Practice Group Wk1 2014-02-121:13:02
Right Effort
Walking Meditation 2012-03-0633:48
Clear Comprehension
Paramis: Wisdom (5 of 10) 2009-07-0952:19
Five Faculties: Confidence - Faith (1 of 5) 2009-01-0845:56
Four Foundations: Dhammas 2008-11-2053:11
Refuge 2007-12-2042:22
Balance of Effort 2006-11-1652:34
Investigation 2005-07-2855:57
Hindrances: Doubt 2004-08-1959:11
Way Seeking Talk 2002-08-1638:19


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